My Best Pop-up Space Book (Hardcover)


My Best Pop-up Space Book (Hardcover)

Designed for toddlers ages 3-5, My Best Pop-Up Space Book is a child’s first guide to the universe.

There are times when my youngest daughter reminds me so much of our oldest girl.  Don’t get me wrong, they have completely different personalities and looks, but they have had similar experiences and backgrounds to where Brie is sometimes learning, saying, and doing eerily similar things that Brooke did.  Just a few days ago, I had to pause and remind myself that Brooke didn’t suddenly shrink back down to a toddler size because I heard that same little voice pointing out a ‘gibbous moon’.  Yes, you may remember a book review I did years ago called Phases of the Moon from the Patterns in Nature Series from Capstone Press.  Well, we still have the book and it’s still one of our favorites to read, so it was only natural that Brie would start pointing out ‘full moons’ and ‘crescent moons’ and ‘new moons’.  In fact, Brie (who is in Brooke’s old room) even has the Uncle Milton Moon in My Room on her wall for nighttime, just like Brooke did when she was a toddler, so that fascination has easily carried over to her little sis.  When I see little things about space or planets for little kids, I admit I usually want to check it out because I enjoy learning about it, so it’s fun to get new books that can peek their interest in the universe and My Best Pop-up Space Book is SOOOOO Cool!

My Best Pop-up Space Book is a really fun book about space just for toddlers.  It has a blast-off! sound button featured on the cover and embedded on each page throughout the book.  We all love the fun pop-ups on each page that talk about all the key subjects of our galaxy from the Earth, the sun, the moon and stars to space travel.  There is a full-page fold-out of the entire solar system and includes cute little items like glittery stars on its pages.  It’s a great educational guide to space for youngsters and each page has great age-appropriate information about space.  Our little astronaut wanna-Be’s really love reading it and I may just be referencing this book again in three more years like our Phases of the Moon book!  Love.


About DK Publishing:  DK Publishing is a division of Penguin Group books that is known as being a New York Times bestselling publisher and distinctive books including ebooks and apps.  DK stands for Dorling Kindersley after Christopher Dorling and Peter Kindersley who had a book packing company in London in 1974 and started to publish in 1982.  Check out their children’s catalog here.

My Best Pop-up Space Book (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 14.99

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