Ovia™ PTZ Baby Video Monitor by Levana


Ovia™ PTZ Baby Video Monitor by Levana

…with Talk to Baby Intercom and SD Recording

There are many baby products in the modern world of parenting that we didn’t actually need to get, but have proven to be quite essential in our lives.  I can’t tell you how much I love having a baby video monitor.  It’s quite freeing to have full access to monitoring your child in their room when they are babies and toddlers.  Every little sound that comes from your child’s room may sound like you need to run in and check on your child, but more often than not, with a baby video monitor, we can easily verify that our presence isn’t needed.

The funny thing is I have used our video monitor much longer than I thought I would.  When your toddler goes to a big bed, it’s almost like starting at square one with your kid’s sleep patterns and things get a little strange at night for that time.  Having access to their entire bedroom is like a huge party at first to your toddler and it can take months for a night time routine to return to normal.  When Brie first moved to her big bed at the beginning of October, we would hear thumps and chatter (from her!) in between our thin bedroom walls – and watching her on our monitor showed a child (in a baby-proofed room, of course) playing happily with toys she didn’t have access to while in the crib.  Her chattering, sometimes excitedly and LOUDLY, was just her role-playing with her stuffed animal friends.  It’s so nice to visually confirm that things are totally fine even though it may sound like they are not from the next room over!

It is AMAZING how the baby monitor technology market has continued to improve and it’s really awesome that monitors have come down in price as advances happen.  Levana has always been the brand we have used for our video baby monitors and we have been very happy with their choice.  An amazing deal right now is for the Ovia™ PTZ Baby Video Monitor by Levana.  Right now the Ovia is on sale for over $70.00 off it’s retail price and I will tell you why it’s a great monitor pick.

Ovia_Packaging_FrontOvia™ (O-via) – Meaning: Egg

What to look for in a baby monitor!

When we first started looking for a baby monitor over five years ago, I was totally lost on what we needed/wanted.  Then, I started to research and break it down to what we thought was important since it was a big purchase.  First, sound activation was the biggest deal for a monitor.  You want a monitor that can pick up your baby’s sounds and noises and it has been great having a monitor that will only turn on when it is needed.  Monitors have become more and more intuitive which is great for parents who need to do things like – oh, I don’t know, eat dinner or get some precious sleep.  The next thing we had to learn was the difference between an analog versus digital baby monitor.  Sure, analog monitors are cheaper, but I’m sure you have heard that analog frequencies can be picked up and can cross paths with other baby monitors or cordless phones, which was a measure of security and safety that we felt warranted the want of a digital video monitor.  The last thing was the range of the monitor.  If your baby monitor only picks up transmission from a few feet from your child’s room, it almost defeats the purpose of a baby monitor, which is being able to do more while still keeping a close eye on baby!  It was only then that I realized the importance of being able to see your child through a monitor that I would now probably rank a video screen as a close second option to sound activation.  It is definitely worth it!

Older Vs. Newer Models

Our first Levana digital video monitor was great, but I have actually started to appreciate the newer and cooler features of the more recent Levana models that I didn’t even know would be so useful until Brie was born.  The two-way communication (aka ‘walkie talkie’ feature) is really awesome.  Our oldest, Brooke, would even use it to talk to her little sister when she was a newborn!  Next, having a monitor you can adjust is awesome.  Our old monitor was great when Brooke was in a crib, but when she went to her ‘big bed’, that girl would seem to hang out in the corners of her room as if she knew our monitor wouldn’t show her!  Newer models have touch panel controls with a zoom camera you can pan or tilt.  Yes, fantastic!  The last two things are having night vision LEDs that won’t bother your child and having a long battery life are both wonderful options for obvious reasons.  The technology has improved and it has definitely improved the functionality of having a digital video monitor.

Ovia™ PTZ Baby Video Monitor by Levana

Now to the cool Ovia Baby Video Monitor by Levana.  Here are the key features of this model:

  • 4.3” LCD Screen & Touch Panel Controls – This is a large screen!
  • Whisper-quiet Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera
  • Record Video & Snap Photos – I love the new feature of being able to record and take pictures of your child.  The Ovia comes with a micro SD card so you can either upload them to your computer, or view them directly on Ovia’s large 4.3” LCD screen.
  • 8-hour Battery Life in PEEP Mode
  • Secure 750ft ClearVu® Digital Signal
  • Talk to Baby™ Two-way Communication
  • Invisible LEDs Keep the Nursery Dark
  • Smart LED Indicator Ring – This is awesome!  The smart indicator ring will show you if the sounds your child is making are quiet (think cooing) or LOUD (screaming and yelling.)  This is a great feature if you want to keep your monitor’s sound low, but want to know if and when your child is upset and needs to be calmed down.
  • 3 Remote-Controlled Lullabies – Ah ha!  Want to instantly calm your child if they suddenly wake themselves up at night?  Turn on a lullaby to see if that does the trick.
  • Expandable up to 4 Cameras – To be honest, we’ve never used this feature, but it’s nice to know that you can add up to four cameras to your monitor.  This is great if you have two or more little ones in your house or you want to monitor additional rooms.

You really get complete access of every nook & cranny of your baby’s nursery on the Ovia’s large 4.3” LCD screen.  What I have always loved about Levana’s digital monitors is that they place the utmost importance on the security and safety of your child.  They deter all potential hacking, and all Levana baby monitors transmit video and audio data on small, private and local networks. To further increase security, paired monitors and cameras hop between 19 channels simultaneously so attempts to access the signal are disrupted. This increases the overall security of your baby monitor and ensures they are only used for their intended purpose.  A video monitor that give you peace of mind?  Priceless.

Worry Less.  Do More!

Check it out!  The Diaper Change- Levana Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMD2I7ZTgo0

Ovia™ PTZ Baby Video Monitor by Levana


List Price: $ 149.99 (Currently on Sale and with FREE shipping)

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