Product Review: Uncle Milton Moon In My Room (Recommended age 6+) *Fun*

Product Review:  Uncle Milton Moon In My Room (Recommended age 6+)

Explore It!  Light Up Lunar Phases

My daughter is moon crazy!  It started with reading her bedtime books like Goodnight Moon and The Going to Bed Book (Boynton) which last lines feature, “the moon is high and the sea is deep…”.  She could not get enough of this mysterious moon which is prominently featured in tons of children’s books and toys.  I thought one way to hold her interest was to find a fun and interesting moon project or demonstration we could do and then came across Uncle Milton’s Moon in My Room, which I think is pretty perfect!

The model Moon in My Room has a thick contoured textured surface that looks strikingly like the close up pictures I have seen of the moon.  The moon is mounted on your child’s wall and includes a remote control to activate different settings.  You can manually cycle through the 12 different moon phases or activate them automatically to cycle through on a 5 second per cycle.  You can manually turn on or off the moon through the third button on the remote control or let it act as a temporary nightlight for up to 30 minutes when it will automatically turn off.  Even though the recommended age is 6 plus, we found out it works perfectly for our toddler’s room since the moon is mounted on the wall and we activate the moon with the remote that we keep on a high shelf away from prying toddler hands!  Keep track of the moon’s remote control, too….it won’t activate without it.  Since getting this moon, it has added to our nightly tuck in ritual with our daughter which now includes, “’Night, ’night Brooke, we love you.  Goodnight, Cow.  Goodnight, MOOOOOn!’ after setting the 30 minute lunar phases which Brooke thoroughly enjoys.

About Uncle Milton:  Uncle Milton has been creating outstanding toys since 1946 and introduced the Ant Farm in 1956.  The company leads in the Science category in many outstanding toy competitions.  Check out their website for all of the products or click on this link of a pdf of their 2012 catalog.   A new line of National Geographic Explorer toys will be launched in spring 2012 with such interesting items like the Deep Cave Explorer Echo Maker.  Sounds like fun!

Uncle Milton Moon In My Room (Recommended age 6+)

List Price: $29.99 (Currently $20.07 through

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