Moona Luna New Bilingual Album P-A-N-O-R-A-M-A


Moona Luna New Bilingual Album P-A-N-O-R-A-M-A

Moona Luna is the passionate second project of Mexican-American songwriter Sandra Velasquez and her Latin band Pistolera.  Her latest album drops January 29, 2016 and is ready for pre-sale purchase NOW.

Sandra Velasquez became inspired by the birth of her daughter and wrote an albums’ worth of songs geared towards families. Velasquez and her band, Pistolera made their debut album under the band name Moona Luna called “Piñata Party” (2011), and won a Parent’s Choice Award as well as CD of the Year Award for a foreign language from Creative Child Magazine.  How’s that for a creative inspirations of being a new momma?  Pretty cool.  Moona Luna delivered something fresh in its sophomore album,Vamos, Let’s Go! (2013), which also received rave reviews. Well (drum roll, PLEASE!), Sandra is back with her new album entitled P-A-N-O-R-A-M-A and it’s ready for purchase NOW!

Moona Luna  Look how CUTE this band is!

Moona Luna is now on their THIRD studio album P-A-N-O-R-A-M-A that officially comes out at the beginning of 2016, but if you are on the Moona Luna mailing list you can actually purchase the album directly from them before the holidays!  Complex, layered rhythms reflect the richness of the varied cultural landscapes, while the lyrics revolve around family time and enjoying new experiences together. A San Diego native, Velasquez drew inspiration from her own bus adventures years ago through Central America.

“When you travel by bus, you get a much deeper sense of how the landscape and people are connected to each other, regardless of borders,” says Velasquez. “You also get a sense of all the different influences that have affected a region’s music and art over time.”

While P A N O R A M A has some classic Latin rhythms that fans will recognize from Moona Luna’s previous albums, it also includes broader rhythmic influences inspired by the African diaspora.  Panorama is an upbeat ten song album that talks about a family road trip on a bus through South America.  As you know if you are a regular reader, I’m a sucker for lyrics and Moona Luna delivers with a site on their webpage that includes all their lyrics.  Sigh.  I’m in love.  First, you have to check out this fun lyric video for the title track on the album, P-A-N-O-R-A-M-A here..and just try not to get hooked.  This song, with a reggae-type beat, is featured in both Spanish and English talks about the love of the road and seeing the world through their travels.

P-A-N-O-R-A-M-A Track Listing

  1. Panorama
  2. Happiness
  3. Espejos (Mirrors)
  4. Old School Way
  5. I’m Always Here
  6. Llevame (Take me with you)
  7. Atardecer (Sunset)
  8. Por La Calle (On The Street)
  9. Camioneta de Aventura (Adventure Road)
  10. La Llegada

P-A-N-O-R-A-M-A Lyrics


Tengo una afinidad para la vida en el camino.
Trenes, aviones, barcos, o caminando.
Dime cuando me voy.

La vista es todo.
Me inspira a ver el mundo.
La tierra es una bendición.
¿Que más necesito?


I have an affinity for living on the road.
Planes, trains, boats, and buses
or even by foot.
Tell me when and I’ll go.

The view is everything.
It makes be want to go see more.
The land is the greatest gift.
What more could you ask for?

About Moona Luna (cite MOONA LUNA is the kindie group that the New York Daily News says is providing “the missing soundtrack for bilingual/bicultural kids.”  After making a splash on the family music scene with their accordion-driven, Latin-inspired debut album, Piñata Party (2011), Moona Luna delivered something fresh in its sophomore album,Vamos, Let’s Go! (2013). Songwriter and bandleader, Sandra Velasquez, found inspiration in American pop hits of the 50’s and 60’s, and staying true to her bilingual mission, crafted Spanish and English lyrics for each song.  Having bilingual lyrics is just the icing on the cake because the tunes are so finger – snapping good and cater to extremely wide audiences. Moona Luna has performed all over the country – from the National Mall in Washington D.C. to Madison Square Park in New York City. Their third studio album, celebrates their Latin roots and draws on broader musical influences from the African Diaspora. The album’s ten upbeat songs chronicle a family bus adventure through South America. P-A-N-O-R-A-M-A , is due in stores on January 29, 2016.

Moona Luna New Bilingual Album P-A-N-O-R-A-M-A

List Price: $ Name Your Price! $9.99 USD or more….


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