No More Beige Food (Hardcover)


No More Beige Food (Hardcover)

One night Wilma Lee Wu sits down for dinner—in front of some food that might’ve been meat—when she declares she can’t take it: “Please, no more beige food!”

Wilma Lee Wu can’t take her bland food and mushy meals any longer!  She decides she needs to go on a culinary adventure and learn some new dishes from her neighbors.  As a foodie family, we loved reading and seeing the illustrations of dishes from around the world.  There is Khun Joe’s pad thai, Ms. Azar’s Lebanese kibbe and…..Monseiur Poutine’s frog legs?!? Hmmmmm…..yes, we were all laughing at that one.

This fun rhyming book will make picky eaters curious about different foods as well as different cultures.  It’s actually a sequel to a book called The Change Your Name Store, No More Blecky Beige Food, which I admit I have yet to read although it is now high on my list of books to get!  If you are looking for a book with big personalities, different diversities, and sprinkled with interesting recipes, this is the book for you.  No beige food allowed!

About the Author:  Leanne Shirtliffe is an award-winning humor writer. She writes for the Huffington Post and Nickelodeon’s humor sight and authored the books Don’t Lick the Minivan (Skyhorse, 2013) and The Change Your Name Store (Sky Pony, 2014). When she’s not stopping her twins from stalking the guy driving the ice cream truck, Leanne teaches English to teenagers. You can read more about her misadventures at She lives in Calgary, Canada.

About the Illustrator:  Tina Kügler is an illustrator and author. She has owned a children’s bookshop, worked in a library, and drawn many funny storyboards for Disney, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros. Animation. Tina lives with her husband, three loud boys, and an enormous hairy dog named Harryhausen in Los Angeles, California.

No More Beige Food (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 16.99 (Currently on sale at for $12.91)

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