It’s Hard to be Good – Life’s Little Lessons by Ellie the Wienerdog (Hardcover)


It’s Hard to be Good (Hardcover)

It’s Hard to Be Good! Life’s Little Lessons series introduces Ellie the Wienerdog trying her best to do the right thing.

Life’s Little Lessons is a brand new series that starts off with a bang (or BARK!) in it’s first book with Ellie the Wienerdog.  Interestingly, The American Psychological Association’s 2014 report on Stress in America found that a lack of willpower was the number one barrier to making meaningful lifestyle changes.  If adults have a difficult time at resisting temptation, how are we supposed to teach the importance of self-control; which is a learned behavior.  Well, the truth is, it’s important to teach self-control to your children by strenghtening our own willpower through action and to also keep the topic an important one in family discussions.  It’s Hard to be Good is a great way to talk to your young children, even preschoolers, about the familiar problem of resisting temptation.

It’s Hard to be Good is the first of Hales’ Ellie the Wienerdog Life Little Lessons series and features rich, colorful and dynamic illustrations by artist Serene Wyatt.  This book is better than a lecture about willpower to a young child, Ellie is introduced (after ‘innocently’ ransacking the living room) as having the urge to eat a delicious sandwich that has been made by her human friend and left momentarily alone with it in the kitchen.  Ellie KNOWS she is not supposed to eat that sandwich, BUT it just SMELLS so good.  What’s a dog to do?  Will she resist her urge to do the right thing?

Ellie1  She tries, she really does! But can she resist temptation?


Ellie’s story is hilariously relatable for kids and parents and it’s a great 36-page picture book that has a playful verse and vibrant illustrations.  You will laugh and nod along as Ellie is surrounded by temptation and tries her best to do the right thing.  She knows it is hard to be good, but Ellie also loves to be a ‘good’ dog and feels happy when she makes right choices.  This is an awesome book for both of my kids to hear and a great reminder to me that my own personal struggles with self-control is as important to my life to over-come as it is for my kids who are observing my behavior at every turn and learning from it.  I can’t wait to read Hales next book in the series!

“Being good is a struggle for Ellie because she’s surrounded by temptation at every turn, yet she still loves to hear those wonderful words, ‘What a good dog! What a wonderful girl!,’” Hales says. “As Ellie would say, it makes her heart grin and her floppy ears curl.”

About the Author:  K.J. Hales is a debut children’s author living in Southern California. Visit her online at or visit Ellie at Ellie’s interactive website features activities, snippets, a blog and shop.  Hales’ inspiration for Ellie the Wienerdog came from her real-life dog, Ellie, who landed in her lap at a pivotal moment, when neither of them knew where their lives would lead. They’ve spent the last nine years saving each other. It’s Hard to be Good is Hales’ tribute to Ellie.

It’s Hard to be Good (Hardcover)

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