Constitution Quest Board Game by Cognitive Square, Inc.


Constitution Quest Board Game by Cognitive Square, Inc.

Learn the US Constitution the fun and easy way! Kids, law students, homeschoolers & educators agree, this game is a winner!

How well do you know the U.S. Constitution?

Wait.  Maybe I should ask a more basic question.  Can you define the U.S. Constitution

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America.  It was created on September 17, 1787, but not ratified (meaning that all of the states within the union agreed to it and were bound to it) until June 21, 1788.  Before that, the U.S. was governed by the Articles of Confederation, created by the Second Continental Congress, and served as the first constitution to the original thirteen states of the Union and created on November 15, 1777.  The new Constitution (which was written on just FIVE pages of parchment paper) provided for a much stronger federal government (with three branches designed to have separation of powers) with a chief executive (the president), courts, and taxing powers.  Since 1789, the U.S. Constitution has been amended twenty-seven times and the first ten amendments are known as the Bill of Rights.  The Constitution is interpreted, supplemented, and implemented by a large body of constitutional law. The Constitution of the United States is the first constitution of its kind, and has influenced the constitutions of other nations.  With that said…..How well do you KNOW the U.S. Constitution?  I have a game for you that will not only test your U.S. Constitution knowledge, it will also help you learn things in areas you may be lacking of this document.

con2 Constitution Quest is hailed by scholars everywhere as the most fun and easy way to learn the U.S. Constitution.

The history and text of the U.S. Constitution has many interesting facts and the nice thing about the Constitution Quest game is it’s designed to help children learn so even adults without prior knowledge of the Constitution will be able to play and enjoy the game.  The game lasts approximately one hour and it is a fun-filled dash around the three branches of American government in less time than it takes to watch a TV show.  Players race around the game board, earning points for questions that teach all the Articles and Amendments as you go.  There are many twists and turns including wild cards with checks and balances and detours through “We, the People.”

Constitution Quest is a wonderful and fun way to study the US Constitution.  The game is best played by two to four individuals (or teams!) and is geared for ages 10 and older.  However, there are rules included for younger audiences using the ‘novice’ card questions that are recommended for ages seven and up.  We thought this was an awesome family game that Bob and I played a lot with various people during our holiday break and it never failed at being an engaging game for entertainment.  Brooke, our kindergartner, loved to listen to us play and I could see her being able to play the game with us in another year.  Just hearing the conversations made her ask interesting questions and it’s never too early to learn about our nation’s history.  We love how the Constitution is included with the game and I ended up reading the entire thing yet again after the first time we played the game.  What can I say, I’m a history junkie and enjoy these kind of intellectually stimulating games.  I think our family will be playing this game for many, many years to come.  Pretty cool!

con1  The 223 game cards covering every Article and Amendment reinforce the value and relevance of the entire Constitution.

The Constitution Quest Board Game includes:

  • Constitution Quest game board – Constitution Quest Game Play, Rules, and Directions
  • Constitution of the United States and Declaration of Independence booklet (for reference)
  • 1 set of (2) dice
  • 10 game piece portraits (Featuring 10 of the 39 Constitution Signers)
  • 4 game piece stands
  • Constitution Quest Answer Key
  • Pencil
  • Score Pad
  • 5 Constitution Quest card decks (223 cards in all)

About Cognitive Square, Inc.:  The Constitution Quest Game was invented by a family of teachers with a passion for promoting well-informed citizenship, patriotism and preserving the founding values that made America a bastion of freedom and prosperity.
Their goal is to improve average Americans’ Constitutional IQ the fun and easy way, with solid content delivered by effective, research-based methods. The game is 100% Made in the USA!

Constitution Quest Board Game by Cognitive Square, Inc.

List Price: $ 49.95


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