Album release “Mindful Moments for Kids” by Kira Willey *FREE DOWNLOAD*


Album release “Mindful Moments for Kids” by Kira Willey *FREE DOWNLOAD*

Award-winning children’s music artist and yoga instructor Kira Willey is back with a unique collection of 30 one-minute mindfulness exercises that can be done seated or standing, any time of day.

Release date is TODAY January 15, 2016!

Let’s start this review with a FREE musical download.  Wow.  Yes, I said FREE.  Every day this week, Kira has been giving away a free download on her website to kick off the release of her brand new album, “Mindful Moments for Kids.”  Today is the final day of her free downloads and her album is officially out!  I get the privilege to tell all of you that the final free track of the week is called “Send Good Thoughts”!  How appropriate is that?  If you want to download this track (ummm, I did mention it was for FREE, right?) you have just 24 hours from now (which would be midnight tonight) to download “Send Good Thoughts” on Kira’s website!  I will be sending good thoughts to Kira on her successful release and now that I got you all excited, go download her song and – don’t forget to come back to read the rest of the review.  Ha!

Ready?  Got your FREE download?  OK.  Ready!

My readers who have followed me for years (thank you so much, by the way!), will remember a cool yoga CD review called “Kings & Queens of the Forest” by Kira Willey that I did back in 2012.  I was getting my then-toddler, Brooke, into my yoga practice and that was the first CD that really kick-started our dual yoga sessions together.  Kira made it so simple for us to do yoga together and I’m happy to say that I have enjoyed following her career.  Her latest music collection called “Mindful Moments for Kids” is a unique combination of songs and simple voice-overs of easy mindful exercises that children can do that target five intentions of: CALM, FOCUS, INSPIRE, ENERGIZE, and DE-STRESS.  These mindfulness exercises that can be done seated, any time of day–perfect for classroom or home use, and great in the car.  These techniques can help children harness their energy, release anxiety, and develop self-awareness and compassion.  Yes!  If this CD isn’t perfect for the New Year, I don’t know what else is!

What yoga and meditation have done for me is give me a focus to clear my mind and relax my body like nothing else I have done.  I try to help my children use mindful exercises to promote that same sense of center and calm that I achieve, but I have to admit, listening to Kira’s music does a much better job for my kids than listening to mommy!  Her music is relaxing and inspiring almost like taking a nap during the day.  It can be difficult if you are living a fast-paced life to be able to practice mindfulness and it’s important to utilize tools that get your mind and body in the ‘zone’, as I like to call it.  If you don’t let your body and mind be still, it can be very difficult to understand situations, circumstances, or just letting your body decompress from everyday life.  This amazing CD includes two bonus songs–a remake of Kira’s highly popular “Dance for the Sun,” and a new, mantra-like lullaby, “Just Be”, which is my absolute favorite track on this album.  Here’s just a sample of a few of the lyrics over thick melodic tones that allow you to relax and meditate;

Let Your Eyes Close

Let Your Body Feel Heavy

Let It Go, Let It All Go

And Just Breathe, Just Breathe

Just Be, Just Be, Just Be

If you haven’t downloaded Kira’s song “Send Good Thoughts” yet, go to her website right now and start practicing mindfulness with your family.  Maybe it will change your life for the better, like it has mine.  Namaste.

There are 30 tracks in total on Kira’s new album, so here just is a sample track listings for “Mindful Moments for Kids”:

  1. Candle Breath (CALM)
  2. Hot Chocolate (CALM)
  3. Get Your Grumpies Out (DE-STRESS)
  4. Do Nothing Moment (DE-STRESS)
  5. Rainstorm (FOCUS)
  6. Listen To The Bell (FOCUS)
  7. Bunny Breath (ENERGIZE)
  8. 1 – 2-3 Clap! (ENERGIZE)
  9. Kindness (INSPIRE)
  10. Today I’m Going To Be… (INSPIRE)
  11. Dance For The Sun (2015 Remix)

Mighty Mo Productions and Kira!  Kira has been featured as a guest artist on Mighty Mo Productions “Smiles Ahead.” Check out Mighty Mo Productions website for more information.

About Kira Willey: Kira is a mom of three children, lover of Waldorf, yoga instructor and singer/songwriter from Bethlehem, PA.  She has had a deep passion for music since starting to play the violin at the age of five.  She has been a certified yoga instructor for children since 1996 when she founded Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids.  She released her first album “Dance for the Sun” a year later which has won many music awards including the Independent Music Award for Best Children’s Album.  Kira is currently working on a lullaby album for future release.

Album release “Mindful Moments for Kids” by Kira Willey *FREE DOWNLOAD*

List Price: $14.99 (Available for digital download)

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