‘Smiles Ahead’ with new label Mighty Mo Productions


‘Smiles Ahead’ with new label Mighty Mo Productions

It’s easy to smile and feel right about the world while rocking along to this compilation of sunny, feelin’ groovy music for the whole family.

Without seemingly like an old Partridge Family episode, I like to ‘get happy’ and play fun, family-friendly tunes for my kiddos.  When I heard about a brand new family music label called Mighty Mo Productions, I was excited.  When I learned about what was on their inaugural release called ‘Smiles Ahead’, which drops on October 16, I was elated.  Mighty Mo seems to have done the impossible, which is to bring all of my favorite children’s artists into one album.  Amazing!  ‘Smiles Ahead’ features 13 kid-centric indie artists and includes never-released cuts by The Verve Pipe and Caspar Babypants and the debut single from Katydid.  I’m talking about bands like The Pop-Ups and the Okee Dokee Brothers to Brady Rymer and Frances England. Just – WOW.

Mighty Mo Productions has fit 13 awesome songs of 13 awesome artists into one (yes!) awesome CD.  If you like ‘happy’ then you will love how all of the songs on ‘Smiles Ahead’ are all about fun, happiness, togetherness and just feeling HAPPY.  For those that know me personally, know that I’ve been in a fantastic upswing after almost two very difficult years personally and I do not take feeling happy for granted.  In fact, just staying in the moment and feeling gratitude in each and every second makes me realize how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful family.  ‘Smiles Ahead’ feels like a celebration after a long journey and it touches my heart in a way only beautiful music can; completely and totally encompassing my soul.  ‘Smiles Ahead’ indeed.  ‘Sitting on Top of the World’ by Grenadilla is an especially delicious nugget of a song.

Track Listing

  1. Jump Up by Brady Rymer and The Little Band That Could
  2. WalkWithSpring by the Okee Dokee Brothers
  3. Together Song by Katydid
  4. Box Of Crayons by The Pop-Ups
  5. The Sun Will Shine by Frances England
  6. You’re It by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo
  7. Get Happy! by The Verve Pipe
  8. Best Day Ever by Rissi Palmer
  9. Gotta Lotta Happy by Kira Willey
  10. Dragonfly by Johnny Bregar
  11. Happy Heart by Caspar Babypants
  12. Gratitude by Mista Cookie Jar and The Chocolate Chips
  13.  Sitting on Top of the World by Grenadilla

Coming Up! Coming in January 2016 from Mighty Mo Production is a cool collection of the sweetest love songs for families.

About Mighty Mo Productions: Mighty Mo Productions began as the brainchild of award-winning kids’ entertainer Jim “Mr. Stinky Feet” Cosgrove as a way to more broadly distribute quality family music.  Cosgrove looks for “genuine, passionate, independent artists who create quality music for families to enjoy together.”  “I’ve been a part of the family music community for nearly 20 years, and it’s loaded with cool, diverse, and talented artists,” Cosgrove said. “So, I started looking for partners who would jump on board and help me introduce this awesome music to more people.”  Mighty Mo Productions was born out of love and is rooted in the heart of music, family, and America. Well said.

‘Smiles Ahead’ with new label Mighty Mo Productions


List Price: $9.99 CD, $8.99 digital

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