Galvin & Galvin London Kids Dubble Trubble Cucumber Detangler Spray


Dubble Trubble Cucumber Detangler Spray

Cool Cucumber detangling conditioner is unique as it is for both wet or dry hair. Cool Cucumber leaves the hair fresh, silky, shiny and tangle free.

Like many Americans, I shop at Target.  There is a Target store right up from where I live (OK, there are probably three Target stores within a five mile radius of my home, but this one I can actually walk to, if needed) so it’s a convenient place to grab something quick, get a fun dollar toy for the girls if they are being good, and, yes, to look at all the cool products in the pharmacy section.  I am an admitted hair and skin product junkie, but I also have a great need for detangler spray not only for my own problem hair but also for my daughter’s.  Detangling Spray may just be that ‘one coveted product I would get’ if stranded on a desert island kind of thing – it’s almost that important in my life!  So, when I see a new product in the store I haven’t tried, I like to read about it and if it sounds good, I will try it out.  Dubble Trubble Cucumber Detangler Spray was one such product that also has an interesting back story from across the pond.

Celebrity Hair Colorist and Organic beauty Pioneer, Daniel Galvin Jr., has launched an award winning range of organic, eco-friendly 2 in 1 shampoo & body wash for children and that includes an awesome cucumber detangling spray.  If you haven’t heard of Daniel Galvin Jr., it may be because you are an American and he is quite famous in his home country of Britain.  In fact, his Dubble Trubble Organic Kids line has won “Best of Kids” products in Junior magazine and “Best of British” line.  Now, here is where the really cool part comes in, Daniel works with the Prince of Wales Foundation as well as through organizations that are dedicated to bettering the lives of children in the United States and in the UK through an array of initiatives.  This “Best of British” line has teamed up with Target exclusively, so if you are in the USA, like me, you can find his Dubble Trubble products there.

The Prince’s Trust

I was quite intrigued with this colorist who is the Prince’s Trust Ambassador.  We have no royalty in America and I had never heard of the Prince of Wales Foundation.  What is it and what does it do?  Well, let me tell you a little more about this interesting trust.  It all started in 1976 when HRH (His Royal Highness to us Yanks) The Prince of Wales (AKA Prince William’s DAD) decided he wanted to dedicate his time and money at improving the lives of disadvantaged young people in the UK and so he founded His Trust to make this commitment a reality.  The Prince of Wales’s charity has helped more than 650,000 young people since 1976 and supports 100 more each day. Last year, 80 per cent of young people supported by The Trust moved into work, education, training or volunteering. Celebrity hair colorist and Prince’s Trust Ambassador, Daniel Galvin Jr, introduced Dubble Trubble, a collection of five pH balanced Hair & Body washes and a Detangling mist, all utilizing organic botanical extracts.  He launched his products exclusively at Morrisons’ stores in the UK and online, and Daniel was able to donate a total of £25,000 of the proceeds to the youth charity in the first 12 months.

Coming to America!

With the success of Dubble Trubble in the UK, Daniel decided to expand his products and his charity donations to the United States.  Before knowing any of this, though, I was immediately drawn to the cucumber spray because of its light and airy scent and that it is perfect to use on both wet and dry hair.  In fact, after trying out a bottle, I’ve started using the Dubble Trubble detangling spray instead of a conditioner on my daughter’s hair at night and again in the morning when her bed head resembles what I imagine a cartoon character’s mane looks like after he sticks his finger into a light socket.  The spray is paraben-free, includes the hair strengthening protein, Keravis, and contains certified Organic Aloe Vera and glycerine.  The Detangling Spray is hypoallergenic so it is gentle on the scalp and does an excellent job at gently combing out tangles without breaking the hair.  As a curly headed person (who, yes, flat irons my hair daily) with one curly headed girl and one wavy headed girl, this spray has become a household favorite.  I not only love the price ($4.99!!!!), it comes in a full size 5.1 fl oz bottle and also contains antioxidant-rich strawberry; a gentle astringent and anti-inflammatory; healing enhancing Banana for delicate skins (suitable for minor skin irritations); and phyto-nutrient rich watermelon – gentle, yet rejuvenating.  It’s like a fruit salad cocktail for your hair; and my silky shiny hair is drunk with nutrients.  I can actually feel good about buying this spray all thanks to HRH pairing with Daniel and working for youth charities in both our countries that is near and dear to my heart.

Congratulations, Dubble Trubble, you have just earned the longest hair product review I have ever done in the last four years that I’ve been running my Momma’s Bacon blog!   You have earned it.

Dubble Trubble Cucumber Detangler Spray

List Price: $ 4.99


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