Baby DeeDee Sleep kicker for Toddlers (2T-4T)


Baby DeeDee Sleep kicker for Toddlers (2T-4T)

The Toddler Sleep Jumper!

Baby – oops, no TODDLER – Brie has been in her own big bed since October.  She has a nice fleece blanket although sometimes she seems to still kick off her covers at night.  She has been wearing sleep moccasins since the weather has gotten colder and that seemed to work for the most part, until she randomly pulls off her ‘sleep socks’ every other night.  Ha!  Brie is too big for a sleep sack and I was wondering how we could keep her nice and toasty at night and when I saw that baby deedee now has these awesome sleep sacks, but with feet, made just for toddlers (2T-4T) and I thought – “ah ha!” this will work out great!

The baby deedee sleep kicker is made from soft and cozy high quality polyester fleece and is like a sleep sack, but much bigger and with FEET so that it is perfect for the active sleeper throughout the night.  The slate baby deedee sleep kicker is available in trim colors of pink, blue, and khaki.  If you have an active toddler who likes to kick off their sheets at night and pull of their socks, the sleep kicker is perfect to keep your little ones warm all night.  It’s soft, awesome, and Brie will keep hers on all night and it comfortably fits over her pjs.  Yay!

  • Machine wash cold inside out with like colors
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry low
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • To maintain flame resistance use only detergent do not use soap.

Be sure to check out the entire baby deedee collection!  The baby deedee collection includes stroller blankets, sleep sheets, sleep quilts, sleep nests and some wonderful sleep sacks for infants.  Their sleep kickers are their latest addition to their collection that is perfect for those kids who are slightly older who need a ‘sleep sack’ made for toddlers!

Baby DeeDee Sleep kicker for Toddlers (2T-4T)

List Price: $ 41.00

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