Batteroo Batteriser – Instantly tap more energy!

Batteroo Batteriser – Instantly tap more energy!


Low or dead batteries?

Batteriser is a thin sleeve that extends battery life significantly when placed over your battery.

Batteries, Batteries, Batteries!  It seems like our lives are powered on these limited energy sources from smartphones, smarthomes and all things kids play with in our homes.  The sad truth is that while there have been breakthroughs in technology, the battery itself hasn’t advanced in decades. Scientists have said for years that we are on the verge of a power revolution, one that I’m quite excited about, but until then, did you know that even the batteries we buy are only using just 20% of your battery’s disposable energy?  Shock!

Whether it is costs, commitments to changing technologies and developments, or the risk of making a jump into a perfect battery replacement, consumers are still stuck with batteries like AA, AAA, C & D batteries where 80% of the life of the battery goes unused.  There are so many cool and interesting battery discoveries on the verge of break-through, from over the air charging to super-fast 30-second re-charging, that we could possibly be seeing some of these advances in our gadgets sooner than you think.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  In the interim, how can we easily and CHEAPLY extend the battery lives of the ones we currently use?  Well, that’s where this new devise called Batteriser comes in.

As I previously mentioned, most devices only tap into a fraction of your disposable battery’s energy – about 20%. Batteriser uses micro-circuitry that lets you instantly tap into the 80% of energy that is usually thrown away.  Batteriser’s patented technology extends the life of your batteries and taps into that 80% that was previously unused. Batterisers are reusable on new and most “used” batteries and will be available in AA, AAA, C, & D.  It’s a simple stainless steel cover you place over your battery that fits neatly backed into your battery’s compartment.  It really works!  In fact, the Batteriser has recently successfully completed FCC’s (Federal Communications Commission) Compliance testing under the applicable scope of EMC and will soon be available for market consumption. Batteriser not only saves you money, it is also convenient, safe, and easy to use as well as helping to reduce unwanted landfill of still usable batteries.  Oh, and yes, if handled properly, the battery sleeve is reusable. Please don’t intentionally bend or warp the sleeve and continue to use the batteriser as instructed to get the most out of your battery’s life.

Batterizer2  Insert battery into device…

Batteriser is crafted from stainless steel at 0.1 mm thin to fit back neatly back into your devices’ battery compartments.

Check it out!  Watch this video on how the Batteriser works.

While we continue to wait for improvements in the field of battery energy sources, Batterizer is a wonderful way to tap into more energy in the technology that currently exists.  Pre-Order today and start saving time, money, and energy in your batteries!

Batteroo Batteriser – Instantly tap more energy!

List Price: $ 20.00  (8-count AA or AAA Batterisers on Pre-Order NOW)


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