Times Tales DVD or Digital Download (STEM)

Times Tales

Times Tales DVD or Digital Download

Times Tales DVD is a creative, innovative mnemonic-based program that makes it fun and easy to memorize the upper multiplication facts. 

Ahhhh!  Multiplication.  I adore math NOW but when I was learning multiplication in grade school it was at a time my entire life had shifted and I had moved to a new city.  Being a backwards and shy person, and not having the most hands-on math teacher (who also taught everything from English to Social Studies to Music in our Appalachian classroom), I went from being a very confident student in mathematics to wondering how the heck these tables worked.  I did what I normally did when I didn’t understand something.  I got a book at the library and began to memorize.  My embarrassment at not knowing the answer when called on in class outweighed my difficulty at grasping a subject that was taught sub-par (sadly, all I remember is being given a chart and told to ‘learn it’) in my classroom.  Over time, I got very good at it just by practicing.  I still remember reciting 9/18/27/36/45/54/63/72/81 over and over again to get the nine times table down and then continued on to the next number.  It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t enjoyable, but it did WORK.

Now I know that there are simple tips and tricks that people can do to create something called ‘memory pegs’ that allows them to quickly recall otherwise abstract facts.  Sometimes it’s little stories or other creative ways to process information.  The Times Tales DVD is an easy and fast approach to teach kids as young as 5 the upper times tables.  The entire DVD is less than an hour and covers the most difficult to memorize times tables which are considered the tables: 3×6, 3×7, 3×8, 3×9, 4×6, 4×7, 4×8, 4×9, 6×6, 6×7, 6×8, 6×9, 7×7, 7×8, 7×9, 8×8, 8×9, and 9×9.  Why are these considered the most difficult to remember?  These times tables are the most difficult to remember because they can’t be as quickly calculated by skip counting.

Times Tales DVD is a creative, innovative mnemonic-based program that makes it fun and easy to memorize the upper multiplication and division facts. Students can have their upper math facts mastered in a fraction of the time!  This program can be used by the entire family and includes a cool game show quiz where students do different challenges with their newly learned skills with bonus division problems.  The Times Tales DVD has also worked well for students with disabilities when other programs have failed.  If your child is struggling with multiplication or you, as the parent, want some creative ways to help your child with math, check out the Times Tales DVD, which you can also get as a digital download for a cheaper price.  Times Tales also makes classroom editions to help trigger memory, so check out this free sample download to see if this program is right for your family.  Let’s make math fun and help our kids with their own memory pegs!

Bonus!  The Times Tales DVD includes a bonus CD that has print offs of games, written tests, flashcards and crossword puzzles for extra learning material.

Watch!  Check out this 90 second video and see the new Times Tales animated edition!

Psst! Times Tales also has a DVD and flip chart called Zone Cleaning for Kids, which is said to be the ‘FUN’ way to do chores.  It’s a unique chore system to help children visually and systematically work through cleaning different areas of the house (kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc.) with ease.  Sounds like a good New Year’s resolution to try (for ME *wink, wink*)!

Times Tales DVD or Digital Download


List Price: $ 24.95

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