Stinky Pig Game (Stocking Stuffer) by Patch Products


Stinky Pig Game (Stocking Stuffer) by Patch Products

The Way Play Should Be

Is there anything funnier to a kindergartener than farts?  I think not!  Passing gas is just funny and no matter how much we try to convince Brooke otherwise, kids will be kids.  When I was looking for fun stocking stuffer games for Christmas for Brooke, I knew that the Stinky Pig Game would be perfect.

How Does the Stinky Pig Game Work?

Just like in the game “Hot Potato”, Stinky Pig gets passed around from player to player.  Unlike Hot Potato, each player needs to poke Stinky Pig’s belly to hear him sing, and then roll the die to see which way to pass him.  This game goes QUICK.  You have to be fast…pass him left, pass him right, roll again…but hurry before he…toots!  If you’re holding Stinky Pig when he passes gas, you must take a token. Keep playing until all the tokens are given out and the player with the fewest tokens wins!  The game is for ages six and up and includes two or more players.  Two “AA” replaceable batteries are included in the box.  It’s a rootin’ tootin’ time for all!

Contents: Stinky Pig, 20 Tokens, Die, Rules


Check it out!  See the Stinky Pig Game in action here.

Stinky Pig Game (Stocking Stuffer) by Patch Products

List Price: $ 11.99


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