Leopold the Lion (Hardcover)


Leopold the Lion (Hardcover)

Are Healthy Eating Habits and and an Active Lifestyle Important?

A Study in 2014 published in the New England Journal of Medicine of 7000 children found that, “1/3 of those overweight in kindergarten were obese by 8th grade.”  Leopold the Lion offers a fun way to share a message about healthy eating and having an active lifestyle.  Childhood obesity remains a major health and social issue in our country.

When siblings, Jack and Ella, come across a friendly–and talented!–lion in their backyard they are thrilled to take him in as their pet. And they’re positive they know just how to care for their new pet, ignoring Grandpa’s cheeky asides. When the children return to school for the year, Leopold occupies his long days by eating, watching TV, and playing e-games.  Uh oh! Soon Leopold the Lion grows despondent and chubby. Even the circus who lost him won’t take him back! Will Jack and Ella know what to do to get Leopold healthy again? This is a  sweet story with a subtle commentary on making healthy choices and how important it is to make healthy lifestyle changes in order to live a happy and productive life.

Leopold the Lion (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 9.99

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