This is Our House (Paperback)

Our House

This is Our House (Paperback)

Candlewick Press is one of the fastest-growing children’s book publishers in the US, creating beautiful, high-quality children’s books.

“Playground dynamics become testy as a willful child attempts to exclude everyone else in this simple, humorous lesson in human relations. . . . Deft and funny.” —THE HORN BOOK

This is Our House is a great tale for kids that they are sure to relate to in their own experiences on the playground.  George has a house made from a big cardboard box, and he says that no one else at the playground can come in. He has an excuse for everyone; HIS house is not ‘for girls’ or ‘kids with glasses’ or ‘no twins allowed’.  No one is allowed in and the kids are gathering around.  Can George stay in his cardboard box forever or will he have a mutiny on his hands?

This is Our House is about a realistic issue that can pop up when a child or children do not want to share.  When George has to go to the restroom and leaves the house, the children all pile in and there is no room for him when he returns.  What happens when he gets a taste of his own medicine?  The fun illustrations of Bob Graham of an urban playground surrounded by large apartment complexes is smartly written by Michael Rosen on the discovery that sharing is a lot more fun than trying to keep something all to yourself.

This is Our House (Paperback)

List Price: $ 7.99

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