Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Products


Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Products

Quality Products without Harmful Chemicals!

Ava discovered, at the age of 14, the issue of chemicals in personal care products and their hazardous health effects. The more Ava researched, the more concerned she became. She started a blog to talk about where to find safer products. The market is flooded with “organic”, “natural”, “safe” and “pure”, yet there were almost always toxic ingredients included as well.  After months of research, Ava realized that she needed to create her own products. Through a family friend, she located a manufacturer with research facilities that could develop and produce products to her standards. It was a great challenge to develop these revolutionary formulas, but with her vision and persistence she succeeded. Ava’s personal care company was launched in December 2009.

Ava Anderson Non Toxic was founded by 15-year old Ava Anderson (who is now a 21 year old senior in college). The company is based in Rhode Island (Providence), and her mom Kim Anderson helps her run the business as she finishes up her undergraduate degree. Read more about Ava’s remarkable story – including how she became so passionate about this issue – here.

Why choose non-toxic?  I could go on and on of the importance of using non-toxic chemicals in your home and body, but Ava Anderson’s website has a page that gives some great detail here.  Be sure to view her TEDx talk on her own personal journey to healthy living while there.

Ava Anderson HOME

AA Detergentdishwasher detergent – set of two bags – 24 pods each (List Price: $25.90)


Ava Anderson’s dishwasher detergent is biodegradable, fragrance free and highly effective pods will leave all glass, dishes, pots and pans sparkling clean. The detergent is made with naturally-derived ingredients, non toxic minerals and organic enzymes.  We have been using this detergent for a few weeks now, and are very happy with the results.  All natural doesn’t always mean ‘less clean’ and Ava Anderson’s dishwasher detergent is great proof of that.

Ingredients: soda ash, sodium sulfate, sodium citrate, sodium carbonate, silica, organic enzyme blend, sodium iminodiscuccinate

AA Bathroomhard surface and bathroom cleaner spray- set of two 17 oz. each (List Price: $18.95)

I’ve made it a daily habit of spraying my shower and tub after each use and it’s amazing how it keeps the gunk from building up.  Ava Anderon’s hard surface and bathroom cleaner spray not only smells fantastic, but it does the dirty work for you.  The spray is made with natural plant based ingredients and pure essential oils.  The spray honestly leaves all hard surfaces and bathroom shiny and truly clean.  The spray is safe to use on granite, marble, tile & tabletops, toilet, and in the tub & shower.  The addition of the essential blend of spearmint, lavender, and neem also makes the spray smell fantastic and not jarring to your nostrils like other surface sprays.  Fantastic!

Ingredients: filtered water, coconut oil, glucoside (sugar from non-GMO US corn), fatty acids from plants, enzymes (protease, lipase, amylase, cellulase & urease), citric acid, and a signature Ava essential oil blend of spearmint, lavender & neem.


AA Spraymonster spray – 4 oz. (List Price: $ 8.95)

I had to laugh at this product because it is just so darn cute.  I’ve read a lot of product reviews on creating ‘monster spray’ products for kids to help them relax and go to sleep because the spray will keep the ‘monsters at bay”.  While we haven’t encountered a monster problem in our house, our oldest Brooke can sometimes struggle to get to sleep.  With Ava Anderson’s monster spray, the ingredients include the essential oil of lavender that promotes calm and relaxation.  All it takes it one spray to ‘chase the “monsters” before bedtime. It’s a great use of aromatherapy to help your little ones to calm, relax and soothe to sleep. It is also perfect to use as a pillow or linen spray.  Yum!

avaKIDS monster spray introduction  Click picture to enlarge

Ingredients: water (purified), grape (organic) alcohol, lavandula angustifolia (organic lavender) essential oil, matricaria chamomilla (organic roman chamomile) essential oil


AA Liplip balm 4 pack – spearmint flavor (List Price: $12.95)

You probably know by now that I am obsessed with lip balms.  I seemed to have tried every lip balm on the market, so it’s rare that a new one comes out that really WOWs me.  Ava Anderson’s spearmint flavor lip balm not only smells fantastic, but includes organic shea butter and beeswax with the essential oils of sweet almond oil and spearmint leave that made my lips go “OH YAY!”  This nice ‘tingly’ balm makes me feel wide awake and the shea butter and beeswax keep my lips healthy, hydrated and soft. It’s a lovely combination especially for the winter season.  It’s definitely lickable-licious, which I know I just made up, but it fits in describing this lip balm.  Wow!

Ingredients: butyrosepermum parkii (organic shea butter), cocos nucifera (organic coconut oil), organic beeswax, helianthus annuuss (organic sunflower seed oil), prunus amygdalus dulcis (organic sweet almond oil), menthe viridis (organic spearmint leaf oil).

Local Ava Anderson Consultant, Kelly Darby!

Kelly  kellyfdarby@gmail.com

“I am always looking for hosts who are eager to share our message with their friends and earn great host rewards! I am also currently looking for individuals who would like to join my team and begin earning their own income! Our business kit is only $99 and comes with well over $100 worth of products for any new consultant to begin using and sharing with friends. With our generous compensation plan, incentives, and support system, most consultants earn back their initial investment within a matter of a week or two.”

Kelly Darby’s avaSTORY: I am a mom of two – an almost 6-year old and 3 year old. I have been making my own handmade soap and bath products for nearly 3 years and like many, became interested in making natural and safer products once I had children. I was invited to my first avaHOUR by a friend who shares my interest in natural products and is a big supporter of Lucy Kat Soaps. An avaHOUR is our version of the typical house “party”…it is a chance for hosts to share this important message about harmful and toxic ingredients with those they care about, allow guests to sample great products, all while earning VERY generous host rewards. I am pretty shy about direct sells, but when I heard the consultant present the toxic message and all the ways Ava Anderson Non Toxic is helping to spread the word (lobbying in DC, TED talks, guests posts in Huffington Post, Prevention Magazine, and more), I knew I had to join. I am a social worker by trade and Ava’s approach resonates with me. She wants to change the world – or at least, change chemical policy in our country. As a maker who has tried (and failed) many attempts at making some of the same products Ava has so beautifully created, I was fascinated by the long list of of essential oils and therapeutic botanicals in the products. Ava is dedicated to using quality ingredients to make her products. Ask me for a list of ingredients used in any of our products! In addition to sharing our information at parties, I am very active through my Facebook group “Non Toxic with Lucy Kat” – I invite FB users to join in the conversation! I do plan to become more active in 2016 on the Twittersphere (@kfdarby). I also promote Ava Anderson’s products and message at a Cedar Park yoga studio – Flow Yoga. The owner Kat McCool is dedicated to living a non-toxic lifestyle in her home and studio, and has been a huge support to me through this endeavor.

About Ava Anderson:  If you have never heard of Ava Anderson, I will tell you that she is a woman on a mission to create safe and effective products that are chemical free.  Today, Ava Anderson Non-Toxic makes quality products without harmful chemicals.  Our local Austin, Texas Ava Anderson consultant is Kelly Darby who is very passionate about Ava’s products that have the important message of using products that help facilitate healthy living.  Contact Kelly for more information about Ava Anderson products including how to host your own Ava Anderson party (complete with samples) and to be educated on Ava Anderson products that will work for you.  Kelly’s Contact Info: 512.771.8276 or KellyFDarby@gmail.com


we do not share this message  Click to enlarge picture.

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Products


List Price: $ Prices Vary Per Product


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