Learn with Homer Learn-to-Read Program (Web or App) – 50% Off Discount!

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Learn with Homer Learn-to-Read Program (Web or App)

Holiday Shopping, Made Easy!  Bring the joy of reading into the homes of your friends and family with an annual subscription to Learn with Homer, the #1 learn-to-read program.


Have you ever heard of the learn-to-read program called The Homer Method™?  If not, let me go through the basics with you.  We all know that learning to read is the most challenging endeavor a young child will undertake in the early years and is the biggest predictor of later academic success.  There are many programs to teach children to read and one, called the Homer Method, uses four successful steps with proven results.  The four steps are:

  1. Sounds to Letters.  The Homer Method begins by teaching the precise sounds and symbols of the English language.                                                                                                                                                                              millie-c.jpg
  2. Letters to Words.  Next children are taught to master letter sounds individually, then put those sounds together to read and spell words.                                                                                                                                                                               catspelling.jpg
  3. Words to Ideas.  Children learn to read so they can read to learn. Homer builds the mental muscles to master both.                                                                                                                                                                                     camouflagelion.jpg
  4. Ideas to Knowledge.  Reading between the lines is crucial. We teach children how to move between the literal and figurative.                                                                                                                                                                            lionandthemouse.jpg

Want to Learn More? Click HERE to read the research behind Homer.  Click HERE to read about the Blind Study Results.  Click HERE to learn about Homer and the Common Core.

So, in supporting the Homer Method, Learn with Homer has become the #1 Learn-To-Read Program for iPad and the web and was crafted by top literacy experts to target ages 3-8 in learning to read.   Learn with Homer has many different fun online activities to teach children phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, fluency and vocabulary.  There are tools to assess reading comprehension and online quizzes on top of step-by-step lessons for pre- and early-readers.  Learn with Homer also offers little extras like printables and new content every month so that children can get excited by different material as they learn.

Learn with Homer and Reading Concepts and Skills

I am reading a wonderful book (wait for the upcoming review in January or February) that discusses very important teaching skills for helping children learn how to read and the concepts are very similar to the online Learn with Homer program.  As the mother of a kindergartner (who is now officially half-way through her year – WOW!), I can say that many of the techniques that are used in this program were things we had done with Brooke and she had a wonderful grasp of pre-reading skills and was already sounding out words when she began primary school.  She continues to excel in reading and now we are using Learn with Homer to continue to increase her skills in the ‘Words to Ideas’ and ‘Ideas to Knowledge’ steps.  I love that she loves to learn and wants to read books through the Learn with Homer program and I like that many of the subjects deal with real world knowledge to hold her interest.  Last night, we learned all about the history of ice cream and aviation through the Learn with Homer books.  I actually learned a few things (Did you know that First Lady Dolley Madison loved Oyster Ice Cream?  It was her favorite flavor.  EWWW!) and I think this approach is an excellent way to learn reading skills through learning!

Combine Reading with Learning New Topics

Learn with Homer combines knowledge of science, history, and art as well as giving a global viewpoint on topics.  Your child learns about areas as broad as ancient civilizations to American presidents.  Our family utilizes the story time for First Readers the most on the website and there are many independent readings that Brooke is able to do on her own.  There are seriously hundreds of read-aloud stories as well as songs in an online robust library that includes folktales, fairy-tales, original stories, and first readers and Brooke likes the history books the most.  I always try to seek out interesting things for Brooke and I to read, so it’s nice to have the work already done for you online.  I also love the printable activities to help with handwriting and tracing and even craft projects designed around reading concepts and building knowledge.  I will say that Learn with Homer does not supplement our reading hard copy books with and to Brooke at home (which I think is VERY important for kids!); and it’s a cool way for her to access more useful reading material to help in her learning.

We enjoy being able to build Brooke’s skills in a way that she finds fascinating and that is what we have found in using Learn with Homer.  There is even a Parent Dashboard to track your child’s progress, review lessons, and reward your child for their hard work.  This is a wonderful tool for homeschoolers or parents who want to utilize reading tools at home for pre- and early readers.  It’s a fascinating online world where children are able to access areas of comprehension that is engaging and fun.  There is currently a ‘games and exercise’ section that is under construction on the site that I think will be quite useful when it is up and running, too.  Lead your kids into their journey to deep literacy through Read with Homer.  We are definitely impressed by the online reading material for beginner readers!

50% OFF!  Learn with Homer is giving my readers a chance to get 50% off a year subscription AND a free Homer Holiday book if you order HERE by December 17, 2015.  Hurry if you want to get this deal since it is a limited offer!

Watch! Check out this video on the Homer Learn-to-Read Method Proven to Get Your Child Ahead.

Learn with Homer Learn-to-Read Program (Web or App)


List Price: $ 7.95/ per month

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