WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS Author’s Kit by Write Brain

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WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS Author’s Kit by Write Brain

Illustrated, textless books AUTHORED BY YOU, PUBLISHED BY US! K-12 Innovative writing program: Project-Based, Literacy, 21st Century Skills, Standards-Aligned.

So you want to write a children’s book.  It seems simple doesn’t it?  After many years of MOOOOing like a cow or changing my voice to sound like a little child as I read aloud to my girls, I thought, how hard could this be?  WELL…..Did you know that even the most well-known and established children’s authors often take YEARS to finish one book.  Yes, it’s true.  So how do kids go about learning the process?  Using the WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS Author’s Kit by Write Brain can certainly help!

I have a wonderful memory of my fifth grade English teacher who had each of her students write their own imaginative story.  The boundaries were almost limitless and I went wild.  I can’t remember the entire theme of the book but it was about a young girl who found and opened Pandora’s Box and many crazy and twisted tales ensued.  I enjoyed the writing process but wasn’t quite so sure about the quality of my writing.  However, not only did my teacher (Mrs. Wells, yay!, I still remember her name) LOVED my short story, she said that I had the makings of becoming a very successful writer.  Unfortunately, I never took the time or effort to hone this craft since I was more interested in going into computer science at the time (Oh!  The Shock!  The Horror!), so I put all my writing aspirations to the wayside.  That is, until I started writing this blog.  I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a book for children, but I didn’t know where to start.  Until now.  The WRiTE BRAiN Author’s Kit, comprises everything any young person (or ADULTS) would need to become an author of their own, original children’s book, which is published and shipped to their door! It’s an exciting, imagination generating experience that makes kids of all ages (and even their parents) WANT to write!

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“A young person’s self-esteem is elevated when his/her voice is encouraged, and his/her story is heard and appreciated.”

Meredith Scott Lynn,


The Kit includes:

  • Published book, softcover perfect bound copy of your story! You have the option to upgrade to hardcover publishing on our book builder when you upload your story. You will receive your published book in the mail after you upload your story to our book builder.
  • One Coupon with unique publishing code for a professionally printed, perfect bound, published final book with author’s photo and bio in back
  • A 9.5″ x 9.5″ hardcover, sewn perfect bound book with glossy dust jacket.
  • Author’s Guide (A complete guide to authoring your own book, your guide is a fun and inspiring set of suggestions and tools for every WRiTE BRAiNer.)
  • Illustrated Story Card (A large flash card with a colorful image and ten exciting writing games for individuals and groups!)
  • Illustrated Story Mat (An 11×17, placemat-sized illustration with prompts for short, inspiring writing experiences.)
  • Official Author’s Certificate (Every writer becomes an official author when they create and complete their imaginative story!)
  • Idea pad (A note pad for your every inspiration, scribble, and draft.)
  • FREE BOOK coupon (When you publish your book, you get to choose another wordless book to write in FOR FREE!)
  • Lead free pencil (It’s WRiTE BRAiN orange on the outside and pure pencil goodness on the inside.)


Q&A with Meredith Scott Lynn

  1. How does the Author’s Kit help to inspire kids to find their own voice to be able to create published books?  The WRiTE BRAiN PUBLiSHED AUTHOR’S KiT comprises everything anyone, of any age, would need to become a published author of an original children’s book: A richly illustrated, wordless book with lines on the pages for any author’s story, an in-depth Author’s Guide, illustrated Story Card (with writing games), illustrated Story Mat, author’s certificate, idea pad, FREE BOOK coupon, pencil, and publishing code for a professionally printed, perfect bound final book. It’s an exciting, imagination generating experience that makes kids WANT to write! Self-esteem is elevated throughout the creative process of self-expression. Kids find their own voices as they give voices to the characters they bring to life on the pages of their WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS.
  2. You recommend that children be able to write and brainstorm freely without worrying about spelling and grammar.  Why is this so important during brainstorming? Kids are corrected and graded as right or wrong in the classroom all day. Einstein is also famous for having been a terrible speller!  Ideas can take any shape or form, and imagination can be stifled if a young person is writing or creating with any fear at all. Fear of making mistakes causes kids and even grown ups to shy away from experiences that would grow, inspire and interest them greatly. This can lead to decreased self-esteem.
  3. The Planning Charts included are wonderful tools for parents and children to use when they are organizing their thoughts in writing a book.  What do you feel is the most important tool in this kit?  I suppose the wordless book itself it the greatest tool because anyone can author a story with or without the guide and other kit elements. The guide and charts help genius minds capture all of the incredible ideas flooding their creative minds during the authoring process.
  4. How does WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS help educators in the classroom? The WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS literacy program, designed for all grade levels (K-12), is in-depth, standards aligned, narrative and creative curricula that is project-based and disguised learning. Educators both in and after school are desperate for engaging opportunities that might inspire students to write and take interest in a vital skill they simply aren’t developing in today’s keyboarding and screen-swiping world order. If a young person can feel more confident in their academic experiences, they will perform better on tests, they will be inspired to take the time necessary to produce great schoolwork beyond what is just required to pass.
  5. How do you suggest encouraging a child who may be reluctant at writing their own story? The characters in the illustrations in a WRiTE BRAiN BOOK are the ones encouraging a young person who might be reluctant to write a story…the characters each need a voice and anyone who looks at them can see that right away. The brilliant thing about WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS is that they are designed to give literally every child a starting place…an image to take the place of the blank page. There’s a lot of research out there; when you give a young person the “limitation of images” his or her imagination goes through the roof, and they create from a fearless place. They are not just excited, they are expanded and their self-esteem is boosted for having generated an idea, created something from that idea and then shared the idea which is met with a positive response. 

You see, the writing process takes time.  It takes a well thought out process, story boards, story cards, illustrations, and getting a publisher to be interested in what you are writing.  Whew!  Not a small task at all!  WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS simplifies the process by taking out the middle man and your stories are placed with already illustrated pages so all you need to do is COME UP WITH THE WORDS.  OK, I get it, it is easier said than done, but it is certainly a great way for kids and us parents to learn the entire writing process and you get your own book to show for it.  There are many great themes to choose from and my oldest daughter and I had a blast creating our own book.  WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS motto (which I just made up), could be, “JUST ADD TEXT.”  So there you have it, a wonderful way to engage children in the book writing process and get them excited to read their own material.  I support this endeavor 100% and, who knows, maybe I’ll actually write my own children’s book one day.  Hey, it could happen!


  • A 9.5″ x 9.5″ self-cover, full-color, illustrated saddle stitched, textless book, with space and lines on the pages for YOUR story.

HARDCOVER Publishing

  • A 9.5″ x 9.5″ hardcover, sewn perfect bound book with glossy dust jacket.
  • This is a full-color published copy of your book printed with YOUR photo, Your bio, your dedication, and YOUR story!

SOFTCOVER Publishing

  • A 9.5″ x 9.5″ softcover, perfect bound book with glossy card stock cover.
  • This is a full-color published copy of your book printed with YOUR photo, Your bio, your dedication, and YOUR story!

Educators!  Learn how you can use WRiTE BRAin BOOKS in the classroom by visiting http://www.writebrainbooks.com/education.


Write Brain  Illustrator: Rodriguez, Karla

WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS are proudly Printed in the USA.

WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS Author’s Kit by Write Brain


List Price: $ 39.95

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