Gifts from the Magicforest (Holiday Recommendation)


Gifts from the Magicforest (Holiday Recommendation)

Fine Gifts and Toys Since 2004

I’m pretty sure I’m living in a time warp with Christmas fast approaching.  I still have a summer time mindset!  Yet, here we are racing to the holiday season and I have been wracking my brain on what to get the girls.  My oldest is very creative and artistic and my youngest pretty much wants to do everything her big sister gets to do, so I try to get things that are art-infused.  Magicforest is a wonderful place to try and do holiday shopping and they have a wide range of products and prices so that finding great gifts under $40 or even $25 is simple to do.  While two of their products stick out and that I’m reviewing below, there are some really cool items I was thinking of getting like Vilac’s Musical Metal Tea Set ($36) which plays “I’m A Little Teapot” as you pour and Sevi’s Snow White Theatre ($35) which is a great role play set.

Launched in January 2015, Bonjour Petit is an online retailer whose French​/​American team is dedicated to bringing the finest toys from Europe to the United States via importer Magicforest. Check out Magicforest’s vast website to seem more at or find a neighborhood toy store by clicking on their “brick and mortar” button under “stores.”

torchFour Seasons Storybook Torch • $18 • 4+

The perfect interactive toy to encourage the development of your child’s imagination, this “flashlight” comes with three different projection discs that insert into the torch. The image can be focused to change the size of the movie! When projected onto a wall, each of the discs tells a colorful story from sowing carrot seeds to a tree changing with the seasons. The torch is perfectly sized for youngsters – 6” long by 2” wide.

Cinema Cinema Box • $40 • Ages 4+

Moulin Roty’s Cinema Box ($40) lets kids pretend to be a movie producer and director!  The enchanting lets-show-a-movie kit is designed for preschoolers and older. Young theatre-goers can pass out tickets, view several stories illuminated by a flashlight, and then narrate what they see on the “screen.” There’s a cowboy flick, a pirate tale, a superhero adventure and more.

FullSizeRender The Cinema Box includes a StoryBook tourch that is compatible with the Four Seasons Storybook and include Storybook touch included in the Cinema book to create many mini films for avid storytellers.  The story torches remind me of a the vintage ViewMaster but instead of being seen by only one person at a time, each slide is projector on either the Cinema Box screen of on the way.  It’s quite fun and amazing and Brooke gets really into creative a spin on all the scenes.  It’s a creative child’s favorite toy and offers a lot of many different scnarios to run your very on cinema, including tickets for viewing in the audience.  It’s a real blast and something Brooke should enjoy for many years to come.  Score!

FullSizeRender  Brooke showing her movies to us with her Cinema Box.  What fun!  Yes, we had to receive tickets to attend.  Ha!

ABOUT MAGICFOREST:  Celebrating its 11th year in business, Magicforest is an American toy importer and proud to be the exclusive distributor of eight European brands including Moulin Roty — its flagship brand — currently sold in 700 specialty toy and gift shops. The company has a simple operating principle: provide the very best in children’s toys and games. They like to think of the Magicforest as a friendly place where kids learn, play and grow. Plus parents are confident that their products meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Find their wholesale site online at

Gifts from the Magicforest (Holiday Recommendation)

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