BrickSwag Subscription Box with LEGO bricks (Promo Code!)


BrickSwag Subscription Box with LEGO bricks

BrickSwag is the #1 membership for LEGO fans!


You probably know by now, if you follow my blog, that I live in a household of people that loves LEGO.  Going to the LEGO KidsFest this summer in Austin with my family  was definitely a highlight of 2015.  While I captured a lot of pictures of our adventure, what you didn’t see was me diving into big piles of LEGOs and getting into the builds as much as our kids.  As the person taking the pictures, I spared my readers from my own child-like enthusiasm for this company.  I think my husband feels the same way as me, LEGO is a product that sort of bridges the gap of generations of toys on the market and it just seems to get stronger the longer the company exists.

If you have a LEGO lover in your house, BrickSwag is going to be perfect for you to keep the inspiration flowing and achieve master-builder status!  BrickSwag is box full of LEGO-themed merchandise that arrives in the mail just for your builder.  If you want LEGO, BrickSwag has it.  Every month, your red brick-shaped box arrives packed with official LEGO bricks you keep – never clone brands, an exclusive LEGO-themed T-shirt in any size, Build Magazine packed with interviews and building ideas, custom trading cards, inspirational posters, and more.

What was in our BrickSwag box for November?


  • Turkey Dinner Build from LEGO
  • Fig Face drinking cup
  • “Fission Chips” Poster
  • Booster Bricks Challenge Pack
  • LEGO t-shirt
  • Funky Figs Trading cards
  • Build Magazine

I loved the November BrickSwag themed box.  The turkey dinner build was fun and unique.  Brooke loves play food so she was especially excited and she was able to do this simple build with almost no help.  This is our first BrickSwag box and we love the LEGO tee, drinking cup, trading cards and the November Build magazine.  I had assumed the box would be mostly bricks, so it was cool to get the LEGO-themed items in addition to two builds.  The challenge build was a fun cornucopia, which is perfect for Thanksgiving, and fits right in with the turkey dinner build.  The box also included a ‘brick of the month’ that was stamped with the words November 2015, which is something I learned BrickSwag does each month for the box.  Overall, I thought it was a nicely planned out box, was full of LEGO items, and has the potential for many LEGO-collections.  You definitely get your money’s worth in this box.  Check out the Brick Builders Club at this link. 

BrickSwag is a definite hot pick this holiday season.  Memberships can sell out before December (which happened last year!) so if you are interested in getting a subscription, it is wise to lock it in now for this holiday season.  I am excited to tell you that I have a promotion code below that allows you to get 20% off your BrickSwag membership.  Look below for this discount and happy building!


Check it out!  Watch this video on how BrickSwag works.

Promo Code!  Use this code for 20% off your membership “FAM20” (valid until 11/30/2015).

BrickSwag Subscription Box with LEGO bricks

List Price: $26.00/mo + s/h (more subscription box options available!)

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