When a Dragon Moves In Again (Hardcover) (Big Brother/Big Sister Book)


When a Dragon Moves In Again (Hardcover) (Big Brother/Big Sister Book)

Preparations are in full swing to welcome a new family member in this sequel to the award-winning When a Dragon Moves In.

I admit sometimes I skip over books simply because of the cover.  It’s not that the illustrations aren’t fantastic or that it wouldn’t be a good children’s book, but I have two little girls so when a book seems very centered on all things ‘BOY’ I sometimes hesitate.  That was how I missed reading the prequel of the award winning book called When a Dragon Moves In about a young boy who has adventures with his wonderful and imaginative dragons.  Luckily, I did not miss the sequel which centers on the boy becoming a big brother for the very first time!  As this is a very relevant topic in our household (yes, even two years later) Brooke and Brie get a kick out of sibling stories and I also learned that I need to stop always judging a book by its cover since When a Dragon Moves In Again has quickly become a household favorite.

In When a Dragon Moves In Again, a young boy has become a big brother and he and his beloved dragon dedicate themselves to entertaining the little baby.  However, things don’t go exactly according to plan when the drooling, crying baby somehow charms the dragon and his attention.  The boy is not excited about the sudden shift of attention away from him and decides he’s had enough of this baby business. Adult readers will see the dragon as the boy’s alter ego—eager to cuddle with the new baby before the boy himself feels quite ready, then as a conduit to the boy’s acceptance of the baby, and finally as kindred spirit with whom the boy can commiserate. Younger readers will love the boy’s wonderful, though perhaps invisible, dragon friend who helps him be a good big brother.  This is a wonderful read for big brothers AND sisters alike and even for little sisters like, Brie, who are starting to understand the concept of sharing and learning how to be a good little sister, too.  Great book!

“McWilliam’s…artwork has a sculptural depth and emotional vividness that, when combined with Moore’s second-person narration, will make readers feel like they are right there with this growing family, through all of its messy, noisy, and tender moments.” – Kirkus Reviews

When a Dragon Moves In Again (Hardcover) (Big Brother/Big Sister Book)


List Price: $ 17.95

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