Prospurly Box (Holiday Recommendation) Coupon Code Included!


Prospurly Box (Holiday Recommendation)

Local.  Artisan.  Organic.  Ingredients for a Happy Life – Delivered.

Prospurly / präs-pərlē /: A monthly treat for body & mind.

I’m all about Oprah’s saying that we need to ‘live your best life’.  What an awesome idea.  Prospurly also believes in  better living.  What that means to them is creating a monthly surprise package that is filled with organic, small-batch & artisan-crafted goods that inspire a happy, whole and prosperous life.  I can dig it!

Prospurly is a subscription box where once a month you will receive a brightly colored orange box that is packed fill of intriguing and delectable goods.  Even better?  The goods are made by real small businesses and are curated around exciting themes.  Summer picnic, Backyard BBQ, Breakfast in Bed, the list of these hand picked items are always incredible and average a whopping retail value of $80.00!  That’s right, you get almost twice what you pay for!  I say that’s living ‘high on the hog’ as my dad likes to say. 

So, how does it work?  It’s really simple if you follow these three easy steps:

1. Choose Your Subscription

Create your account (takes under 2 minutes!)

2. We hand-select every product

Boxes follow exciting themes, like a waffle breakfast or summer picnic. Average $80 value inside!

3. Unbox amazing!

Around the 25th of each month, you’ll discover enchanting bath & body products, delectable foods, and so much more!

What was in our month’s Prospurly Box?


Theme:  Bonfires and Barbecues!  Now these are some of my family’s favorite activities, so you better believe I was all over this box.  It has everything inspiring for a new and fun activitiy that binds families together.  Encourage yourself and your family to get out into the open air and sit back, relax, and enjoy this wonderful time of the year.


  1. McFadden Farms Organic Grilling Herbs (List Price $5.00).  Organically grown on the McFadden’s farm, their grilling herbs are full of flavor for all your favorite dishes.  It has a nice little hot kick from a touch of chili flakes that is devine.
  2. Your Wingman Honey BBQ Sauce.  (List Price $7.00)  Now, I admit, I’m not much of a sauce person when it comes to meat, but I actually really enjoyed the combo in this sauce that has honey, Dijon mustard, ketchup, garlic, kosher salt, molasses, and white vinegar.  It’s sweet and a little tangy which worked well with chicken.
  3. Larry’s Bag of Smoke.  (List Price: $5.95)  This item was immediately taken by my husband to use for football game day.  He always uses wood chips when he is grilling (or BBQing, because, yes, there is a difference), yet he had never tried this protect that is actually made in TX (Katy, Texas to be exact).  He was thrilled.
  4. Skin By Pom Cleanser.  (List Price: $15.00).  So after you spend all night hanging out enjoying food and fire, you know you reek of smoke.  This lovely gentle cleanser smells awesome (it has coconut, willow bark, green tea and sea salt) that takes even the stinkiest bonfire smells off your body.  Love. .
  5. Vicara Refresh Aroma Face Mist. (List Price: $12.00)  I LOVE this aroma mist!  It’s a great pick-me-up and I love anything with lavender, orange, lemon and sandalwood together.  It also has a touch of witch hazel, which I really love and found it to be refreshing and uplifting.
  6. Solid Maple Wood Muddler.  (List Price: $ 24.95)  This sustainable sourced maple wood muddler was immediately snatched up by Bob.  It is the perfect bar tool for cocktails and many great ingredients for cocktails are mint and citrus.  Very refreshing.
  7. Lot 450 Citronella Candle Mason Jar.  (List Price: $ 16.00)  I think we all use citronella candles when its mosquito season which usually happens right around BBQ and Bonfire season.  Keep the bugs always with responsibly sourced palm way that is pesticide and herbicide free with natural soybean oil.  It even has a WOOD wick for longer burning.  Oh, did I mention it is made in a MASON JAR!  Awesome.

Grand total of the list price of the box is $85.90, which is a savings of 35.95!   WOWSA!  That’s a great deal. 

If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for that someone special or you are just ready to give yourself a wonderful treat, check out Prospurly’s website on how to subscribe.  ENJOY YOUR BEST LIFE!

Coupon Code! Use the coupon code “JEANNA” at for a 10% off discount.  Whoo hooo!

Prospurly Box (Holiday Recommendation)

List Price: $ 49.95 (Month-to-Month Subscription)


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