Puttin’ on the Ritz for Fall/Winter 2015: Duri Cosmetics’ New “Revel In Luxury” Collection (Fashion for Moms)


Duri Cosmetics’ New “Revel In Luxury” Collection

Experts in nail care and flair since 1990. Over 200 daring and dazzling shades for every personality. Share your passion for polish with us!

I love finger nail polish.  I have to confess, I actually like pedicures.  My nails are usually hard to keep up with thanks to my guitar-playing habit, so I really like having cute and decorated toes. AND – Fall and Winter don’t need to be drab and dreary – especially when painting fingers and toes – according to Faina Ritz, founder of Duri Cosmetics.  With the new “Revel In Luxury” Collection, Ritz elevates autumnal- and winter-toned neutrals into rich nail polish hues that add just the right amount of pop to cold weather’s manis and pedis.

Each shade in this collection has its own unique flare and glamour. Ritz notes, “‘Revel in Luxury’ is made up of robust and lush shades that feature blended multi-faceted, androgynous colors, luxe neutrals and powerful statement-making pigments that are extravagant yet effortlessly sophisticated.”  These twelve brand new polishes are inspired by the trending Pantone 2015 Fall Fashion reports, which indicate a balancing of earthy neutrals with bold color statements.

“We want women to be able to wear a shade both day and night and to go from the office to a swanky night out, all while feeling elegantly confident and polished – and nothing makes a woman feel more polished and put together than a fresh coat of the right color polish,” Ritz explains.

“Revel in Luxury” features twelve new colors that work perfectly with fall and winter beauty editorial coverage.

Choose from:

  • It’s All About Me (659) – a cultivated, vibrant watermelon pink
  • Posh (667) – an enigmatic, sensual purple
  • Live It Up! (662) – a soothing moss khaki
  • In Vogue (666) – a sophisticated and playful salmon
  • c – a serene yet confident dark turquoise with just a hint of blue micro-shimmer
  • Black Diamond (663) – a powerful black saturated with silver micro-glitter
  • Chic Chick (658) – a luxurious taupe-hued mink
  • Au Moment (660) – a stately pearly iced pink
  • Lost In Elegance (661) – a sumptuous chinchilla with subtle copper and silver micro-shimmer
  • Paint The Town (664) – a tasteful winter amaryllis red
  • Feeling Beautiful (665) – a dusty, comforting rose
  • Revel In Luxury (668) – a magnificent shimmering royal sapphire

Here are my absolute favorites in this new collection:

Duri2  Oh, My Stars!

Duri1  Revel in Luxury


Indulge in this opulent yet wearable new collection and all of Duri’s polishes, available nationwide at salons, spas and specialty stores, as well as online at www.duri.com.

Duri’s entire collection of 300+ nail polishes are all 3-free from DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde, and are also environmentally friendly, ensuring your nails will look exquisite without all of the questionable chemicals. Individual polishes can be purchased for $6 – pure elegance without a lavish price.

Duri Cosmetics’ New “Revel In Luxury” Collection


List Price: $ 6.00 Each

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