Teach Me Time!® Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light


Teach Me Time!® Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light

Teach Me Time! is an adorable, talking bedside alarm clock, time-teaching tool and dual-colored night-light all in one.

Oh!  The alarm clock.  It certainly doesn’t come to mind when I think of my favorite things, but nevertheless it is quite important seeing as how our family lives on a schedule.  Now that Brooke is in kindergarten, she has a specific time to be somewhere during the weekdays, so it was the perfect time to upgrade her clock as she has upgraded her responsibilities.

Teach Me Time! is the most full-featured and versatile product in the Onaroo OK to Wake! line-up that is suitable for learning time for a wide range of ages.  This is actually a new clock for Brooke as she has graduated to an analog alarm clock that also is a great learning tool.  Brooke started out using a clock (that our youngest now uses) that shows an animal sleeping and waking up and would light up according to our schedule.  It worked great!  But now Brooke is learning analog time with the added need to have an actual alarm to wake her up at a specific time in the morning….and no, parents don’t count as alarm clocks here.  Ha!

Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock has a number of features such as a night light and color face coordination for even small children to understand when it’s time for bed and time to get up.  For example, when the clock glows green, it means it is time for your child to get out of bed.  For older children, like Brooke, you can set an alarm to wake them up in the morning.  A new FUN concept for Brooke is something called a SNOOZE button which is also a feature on this clock.  Yes, if Brooke wants an extra fifteen minute to sleep, she can hit snooze and, so far, she hasn’t tried to oversleep.  WHEW.  The clock is a nice size of approximately 4″, so it’s easy to see anywhere in her room, and is AC-powered with a battery back-up so no risk of a power outage messing up your wake-up time. If you are looking for an all-in-one clock that grows with your family, this clock teaches young children to stay in bed, and when they are older, you can set an alarm and teach them how to tell time (both analog and digital).  It really is a perfect clock for young children and has fit nicely into Brooke’s morning routine.

• AGES 3-5: Teach me when it’s “Ok to Wake!”
• AGES 5+: Teach me how to Tell Time!
• AGES 5+: Teach me to use an Alarm Clock!

Check it out!  See the Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock in action here.

Teach Me Time!® Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light


List Price: $ 44.99

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