Juice in the Box Reusable Juice Boxes by Reuseit

Juice in the Box

Juice in the Box Reusable Juice Boxes by Reuseit

Join the Reusables Revolution!

Did you know that artificial juice boxes are one of the biggest issues of lunchtime waste because they take over 300 years to decompose?  Add to that there are nearly 4 billion artificial juice boxes consumed annually.  There is a special form of recycling that most cities lack for hydro-pulping capabilities that are needed to dispose of traditional juice containers in a sustainable manner, so many of these containers end up in landfills.  Yikes!  If you are looking for a waste free lunch ideas for kids for juice containers, then you will be excited about something called Juice in the Box by Reuseit.

Juice in the Box is an innovative, cost-effective and cool new alternative to single-use juice containers by Reuseit. The containers are made with a durable and long-lasting material called Tritan (read more about BPA-free Tritan here), so the lids are easy to open but also provide spill-proof lid guarantees for continued use.  The great thing is that by being able to add your own juice to the containers, you can also make sure your kids are not getting sugar-added artificial juice.  Score!   I love that these containers are mess-free and easy to clean while also providing a long term solution towards a waste-free lunch or daytime snack.  They come in colors pink, green, and blue, but of course my girls’ want everything PINK.  So far the straw, spout and valve continue to last through multiple washes and haven’t been an issue but I did learn that Reuseit also sells replacement parts for those items, if needed, here.

• Replaces disposable juice boxes, while fitting in any lunchbox
• Saves money otherwise spent on packaged drinks—keeping your kids healthy and happy!
• Made of nearly indestructible, chemical free and easy to clean Tritan
• Mess-free and safe for all ages with easy to open and close lid with soft bendy straw
• Available in multiple colors

Juice in the Box Reusable Juice Boxes by Reuseit


List Price: $ 11.95 Each

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