100 Things to Do in Austin Before You Die (100 Things to Do In… Before You Die) (Paperback)


100 Things to Do in Austin Before You Die (100 Things to Do In… Before You Die) (Paperback)

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It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and continue to do the same old things over and over again in Austin.  We have a specific park, grocery store, and a hand full of kid-friendly places that have been our staple ‘to go’ places for years since we were comfortable and knew they would be fun and simple.  BUT – this is AUSTIN!  There are so many things to do with endless adventures for all walks of life, and its residents keep things weird 365 days a year. There is a big reason why people are moving to Austin, Texas, (and no, it’s not just about the lack of state taxes) in record numbers. The climate is gorgeous, the people are friendly and the city is alive with opportunity, optimism and all things awesome.

100 Things to Do in Austin Before You Die is a bucket-list guide to Austin activities. The book captures everything from the cathedral of junk (an exhibit consisting of trash/ treasure in someone’s backyard), to natural spring-fed swimming holes, a local bar that requires a passcode for entry, and a famous local eatery with a top-secret taco menu. It doesn’t matter if you’re a born Austinite, a recent transplant, or a visitor; this book will help you discover 100 things that make Austin, Texas, one of the greatest cities in the world!  I learned about a lot of fun activities that I didn’t know about and many of them are fun for the whole family.  This book (in combination with another one I’m reading about Austin) inspired us to try some new things with our girls and I’ve written about a few of them on my blog over the last two months.  It’s awakened my adventurous spirit and I look forward to trying many more activities in 2016.  Get ready to be amazed and get out there and start DOING.

Looking for 100 Things to Do in other Cities?  From Boston, to Miami, to Nashville; Reedy Books is continually adding new cities to explore to their catalog.  Check it out!

100 Things to Do in Austin Before You Die (100 Things to Do In… Before You Die) (Paperback)


List Price: $ 16.00

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