Miss Mikki Costume


Miss Mikki Costume

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Every year we do family Halloween costumes.  It’s a tradition, well, it has been a tradition and will continue to be until the kids decide they are too cool to join in.  I will probably weep on that day!  So far, six years into doing this tradition, so good!  This year our oldest daughter, the newly christened Kindergartener decided she wanted to be a Disney Princess.  Cinderella to be exact!  I have a few rules when it comes to putting together a family costume idea; inexpensive, fun and something my husband can live with wearing.  Disney Princess for Bob did not seem like a possibility that he would join.  SO – I had to BRAINSTORM.

That’s when I went to my go-to place to look for discount costumes that are also awesome for the price.  I found a fun Miss Mikki Costume for momma for under thirty-five bucks!  That’s when I decided that I could easily get Bob to become “Mickey” through the cool Mickey Mouse Disney hoodies with mouse ears and he could just wear black pants.  Perfect and definitely not too silly for him!  For little sister, Brie, our adorable almost two year red-head, a little Ariel princess costume (generously donated by Grandma!) was added to the mix and I decided we had a hit of a Disney theme family costume on our hands for 2015.

I think our costumes will work out perfectly and I can’t wait to get pictures of the whole family in Disney-style.  Hot Dog!

Halloween 2015

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Miss Mikki Costume


List Price: $ 34.99

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