Hearts Alight Necklace – Silver Night by Isabelle Grace Jewelry (Fashion for Moms) *Coupon Code Included*


Hearts Alight Necklace – Silver Night by Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Celebrating Life, Beautifully

I still remember that heart-stopping moment when I got a call from my aunt that my mom had a heart attack and was having emergency triple bypass surgery.  I was just 23 at the time, but still very much a child.  How could this happen to MY mom?  Since that time, I am very aware of staying heart healthy not only for myself but for my children.  When I saw Isabelle Grace’s Hearts Alight Necklace it seemed like a perfect and personal symbol to me that life is fleeting and that our hearts are such an important part of our lives that represent our love and commitment to each other.

With the Isabelle Grace Hearts Alight collection, it’s all about love. The necklace features a Swarovski Crystal shaped into a classic heart shape with star faceting.  It’s breathtaking.  The heart is hung on an oxidized chain, so that the Silver Night shines and reflects light through its titanium hue.  I will never again take my health for granted and when I wear this chain I think of my mom and my girls.  This symbol of love beautifully captures how I feel about those I cherish in my life.  While there are many other beautiful pieces to choose from in her collection (including more heart necklaces), this one speaks to me.  I love that this is an heirloom piece I hope to pass on and hope that each time my kids look at it they will always remember that I carry a piece of them in my heart forever.

Coupon Code!  Use the coupon code ‘bacon20‘ upon checkout at http://www.isabellegracejewelry.com for a 20% off discount through November 15th, 2015. 


About Isabelle Grace Jewelry:  Isabelle Grace Jewelry is…From the heart!  When Claudia first decided to start her own jewelry line, she was inspired by a gold locket her grandmother wore that held a photo of her grandfather. She loved how personal it was and wanted to carry on that beautiful tradition. Whether it’s from the Isabelle Grace Collection, inscribed with special words, or custom inscribed in honor those who are close to your heart, each of our pieces is designed to be a keepsake.

Hearts Alight Necklace – Silver Night by Isabelle Grace Jewelry


List Price: $ 56.00

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