Jack-O-Lantern Design Personalized Kraft Halloween Party Napkins

Halloween Napkins

Jack-O-Lantern Design Personalized Kraft Halloween Party Napkins

 These festive Halloween napkins are perfect for children and adult geared parties alike.

Bob and I love personalized items and it comes through in the things we get for Brooke’s class.  While we both work full-time, we like to help out and bring in items when we can.  It’s a great way to stay connected to our child even though she spends most of her waking hours at school.  We had a wonderful idea to make personalized napkins for her class.  What kindergarten class doesn’t need a lot of napkins for all of their yummy Halloween goodies?  You’d be surprised at where you can find some great deals on items such as personalized napkins.  Did you know that wedding websites are notorious for giving great personalized party item deals?  Nope, they are not just for weddings, but for any child OR adult parties!  We’ll call it our little secret.
We found these cheerful jack-o-lantern designs on these personalized 5 x 5 kraft Halloween party napkins that bring so much cuteness (and, sure, a little SPOOKINESS) to your fall bash.  The napkins are made with a very soft 3-ply recycled paper and measure in five inch cocktail square napkins.  You can add up to three lines of custom text to wish your guests a VERY happy Halloween or Fun Fall Festival.  I love that the napkins are a natural kraft color and you can customize the text color and font for the perfect Halloween scheme.  Allow five business days for your custom orders to ship and the napkins are the perfect way to make your refreshment table fall-tastic.  Bob and I like feeling part of Brooke’s school celebrations it is a nice gift for a cool custom collectible for their school scrapbook.  That is, if they don’t get them too messy first!  Mwaaaa haaaa haaaaa!
Value Added:  Price Includes Personalization
Processing Time:  5 Business Days
  • Quantity:  100 Napkins
  • Design: Jack-O-Lantern – HW4
  • Lettering Style: Caslon
  • Imprint Color: Very Navy Matte
  • Line 1 Print:     Happy Halloween or Fall Festival
  • Line 2 Print:     XXXXXX
  • Line 3 Print:     Kindergarten Class 2015

Jack-O-Lantern Design Personalized Kraft Halloween Party Napkins


List Price: $ 29.00 (100 napkins)

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