Super Villain’s Hideout Review at Puzzle Room Austin (Local Austin Experience, Ages 13+)

Puzzle Room

Super Villain’s Hideout Review at Puzzle Room Austin (Local Austin Experience)

Do you Have What it Takes to Escape the Room?

Race the clock to find clues in this engaging puzzle challenge. Your team is locked in a room with only your wits to help you escape. Do you have what it takes to conquer the Puzzle Room?

The Puzzle Room Austin was A PERFECT event for this Halloween season.  Since Bob and I are also spending our 12 (TWELVE!) year wedding anniversary weekend with NO KIDDOS on Friday OR Saturday night (wow!), we wanted a kid-free event that was fun, entertaining, and even a little challenging!  I am super excited to tell you about the Puzzle Room Austin, but to be honest, there isn’t much I can give away.  The Puzzle Room Austin does not allow photography inside the puzzle area, nor do they have photos of the puzzles that they publish. They ask all patrons to refrain from posting spoilers or specific puzzle answers.  They do not allow children under the age of 13 to play – Puzzle Room Austin is for teenagers and adults only.

SO, What I CAN tell you is that there are two different puzzle rooms to choose from at the Puzzle Room Austin that have group events for up to 10 people to test their skills.  Don’t have enough people in your group? That’s OK! You will be paired with other puzzle seeking adventurers who want to solve the mystery as much as you.  Bob and I chose the “Escape from the Super Villain Hideout” room event for Friday night and we were ready to be LOCKED inside until we could either solve the puzzle or walk away being ‘trapped’ (aka losers!)

Yes, at the Puzzle Room Austin you can choose two different puzzle room events; Escape from the Super Villain’s Hideout or Escape from Wizard School.  Want to hear more about the two puzzle rooms?  There’s….

“Escape from the Super Villain’s Hideout!”

Villain  You have stumbled upon the hideout of the Befuddler, an upstart super villain with a puzzle obsession. Can you stop him before he pulls off his most dastardly scheme yet?


Escape from Wizard School!

Wizard  Can you pass your final exam at Wizard School and win your diploma?

You choose your room, pick your date and time to arrive (and don’t be late!) and once there you are locked in the room with only you and your group’s brain power to unlock the puzzles to get you released.  We had an hour to complete our task.  Each group that completes (or gets LOCKED IN) the Puzzle Room Austin gets their picture taken for the website.  If you win, you get to see your face with the other people in your group who claimed victory.  If you lose, well, let’s just say you get to hold up signs for the picture that say, “HELP US” and “WE’RE TRAPPED”!  We definitely wanted to come out victorious.  But did we?

FIRST, let’s get all the Frequently Asked Questions out of the Way!

How does this work?
Your group is locked into a room and has one hour to solve puzzles and find clues to escape.

Am I really locked in? What if I need to use the bathroom??

Yes, you are locked in. Yes, you can still use the bathroom. If you need to leave the room for any reason, you can signal your gamemaster at any time. But don’t spend too long away from the game… the clock is ticking and you won’t want to miss a thing!

What time should I arrive?   
Please arrive promptly at your ticketed start time. It’s not fair to make other people in your group wait.

How long will this take? 
Although the game itself takes only an hour, allow an hour and a half for the total experience including introduction and final debriefing.

Do I need to bring anything?  
The only thing you need in order to escape is your wits. Everything else required to solve the puzzles already exists inside the room.

How many people can be in a team?
The maximum group size is 10 players.

What if I have less than 10 people?
If you have less than 10 people in your group, don’t worry – you may be paired with other people. Book your tickets and the remaining tickets will be available for sale.

What if I don’t want to group with strangers?
We think you’ll have a good time… even in a group of people you’ve just met. If you’re still concerned, you can buy out all 10 tickets for your time slot to ensure that you have a private session.

What if no one else signs up for my time slot?
If you have less than 5 people in your group and no one else buys tickets for your time slot, you will have the option of either rescheduling your game or playing it with a reduced number of people. Our puzzle rooms are solvable with less than 5 people, but will be more difficult.

I have a scheduling conflict. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to fill empty player spots at the last minute so The Puzzle Room Austin does not provide refunds for cancellations at this time.

What are the Puzzle Room’s normal hours?
The Puzzle Room has scheduled sessions Thursday through Sunday. They are closed Monday through Wednesday except by special appointment. Check their ticketing page for availability.

What if I want to play the game at a time when there isn’t a session scheduled?
Contact them and they will check their gamemaster availability to see if they can accommodate you. Please include your desired date, time, and number of players. They recommend a group size of at least 5 people if you are going to schedule outside of their normal hours.

Can I bring my office to your games for teambuilding?
Yes! They have hosted teambuilding events for companies such as Google, Microsoft, Dell, GM, RetailMeNot, Rackspace, and National Instruments, just to name a few. Contact them for more information or to check availability.

Can my kids play this game?
Teenagers age 13 and up may play if accompanied by an adult. They do not accommodate children under the age of 13 at this time.

How many wins have you had?
Super Villain’s Hideout:  32.81% Win Rate – Best time: 48:40
Wizard School:  37.1% Win Rate – Best time: 49:04

Winner   Winners!

Losers  Losers!

Our Escape from the Super Villain’s Hideout at Austin’s Puzzle Room Experience!

First, I have to say I had a blast at the Puzzle Room Austin.  Then I have to caveat that to say that it was extremely frustrating to be on the very last puzzle where we all knew what we needed to do to solve it and we ran out of time.  I wish I could tell you more, but just trust me when I say our team got very far and we probably could have won if we had orchestrated a major coordination at the end.  But, alas, like 67% of the groups that have tried the Super Villain’s Hideout, we were…..


The entire experience of the Super Villain’s Hideout was fun.  I didn’t know what to expect and we waited in a room that had lots of fun mind bender games and puzzles as we waited for our group of ten to arrive.  Once all of our group got there, we had a gamemaster who briefly explained the game and led us into a medium-sized room that was set up with lots of locks and things to explore.  As we explored, we would sometimes hear a bell and get a hint to help us in the game.  The best feeling was being able to get into a locked box or understand a clue that would get us to the next puzzle.  It worked better when we coordinated together and talked to each other, so it would be a great teambuilding event or with a group of friends who could coordinate together.  Overall, I think we did very well as a group and knowing we were so close to unlocking the very last puzzle comes with a sort of feeling of accomplishment that we could have definitely beat the game – if we just had a few more minutes.  It’s hard to think – and you do have to think – when you have a clock counting down the last few minutes before you were done.  This is a game where you want to be thinking straight and have everyone working together, so keep that in mind when you book your trip.

Bob and I have already said we want to go back and try the Wizard’s Room event and the Puzzle Room Austin is currently creating a third NEW TBD room – which makes me very excited!  You could tell a lot of time and effort was put into the room and I had a great time trying to problem solve.  Perhaps it is the Analyst in me, but my mind was working in many directions and I really enjoyed trying to work out clues with a bunch of people I didn’t know (besides Bob!)  As funny as that sounds, it was so much fun!  I don’t think I could go back to the Super Villain’s Hideout because we were so darn close to the end that I’m not sure if it would be as thrilling trying the same room a second time, but I could see how a group of different people could have a different outcome, so maybe it would be.

For all the parents out there, I recommend the Puzzle Room Austin experience.  Sometimes it feels like our brains are working on overdrive, but we aren’t always using them to make ourselves smarter or to analyze events since we are always going.  To be in the zone with your partner when you don’t have to be ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ felt really good and I loved being able to coordinate with Bob, especially since we are hitting our 12 year anniversary in two hours (as I write this….)  We still love to have fun and experience new things as a couple and it was exciting and felt good to feel like we were using our brains towards a shared cool goal.  So, while we didn’t ‘win’ the game, we actually walked away feeling like winners, so I’d say all in all it didn’t matter that we ended up ‘trapped’.  We are continuing on our journey and have a great time working together at this interesting thing we call life.  And – That’s pretty cool.

Happy 12 Year Wedding Anniversary, Bob!  I’d pick you for my Puzzle Room teammate any day.

Super Villain’s Hideout Review at Puzzle Room Austin (Local Austin Experience)

List Price: $ 20.00 (Per Person)

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