FlashingBlinkyLights.com LED Light Products (Halloween Fun and Safety)


FlashingBlinkyLights.com LED Light Products for Halloween Safety AND Fun!

Leading the World in Light-Up Merchandise and Promotional Products!

FlashingBlinkyLights.com has always been my go-to place for Halloween safety items, just check my past reviews.  Not only do they have a ton of wonderful Light Up treats for Halloween safety (see the awesome Flashing Fiber Optic Halloween Wands), we genuinely loved their products for their quality and great prices.  I like to incorporate Halloween safety products during October and FlashingBlinkyLights.com (or FBL, if you will) have so many more cool items that are quick shipping, inexpensive and the stuff lasts!  We still are using the LED Halloween pumpkin candy holder from last year!

photo 1                     photo 2

Other fun things we found!

FB1  HandbandheadGhost

As far as Christmas…….WOW!  Love! If your kids are as much into Christmas and snow as my children, your kids will LOVE their snowflake and Christmas-esque LED items.  These are the things my oldest daughter loves:


Momma’s Bacon Take?  My daughter LOVES anything that lights up, but add to that events like Halloween items that flash lights just AMAZED her.  She wants to take them to bed at night.  Ha!  So, yes, four thumbs up (I’m counting Brooke, too!)  Oh, and are your eyes hurting yet from all the BLINKY BLINKS?!  Ha ha.  It’s always a good time with FlashingBlinkyLights.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender[1] FullSizeRender[2] FullSizeRender[3]

Check it out!  Click here for more Light Ups!  The LED Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Orange safety wands with lanyards and their 9.4” glow sticks are also awesome for Halloween Safety!

FlashingBlinkyLights.com LED Light Products for Halloween Safety AND Fun!


List Price:  $ Prices vary but go down per item if you buy in bulk

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