NFL kids costumes for Halloween


NFL kids costumes for Halloween

Your little football fan can look like a real gridiron warrior wearing this official NFL® uniform set!

Did you know that the Pro Football Hall of Fame (emphasis on the National Football League or, NFL) was located in Canton, Ohio?  It’s true.  I went there as a child (I was probably 6 or 7?) when we were tagging along with my father on one of his business trips a few hours away to northern Ohio and it was a blast.  The one thing that I really remember, besides my dad’s obvious love of the game, was that my older brother and I were able to pick out our very own child-sized football helmets.  I couldn’t believe that my dad would actually buy us a gift (*GASP*) and I can still remember the excitement looking through all the helmets and knowing one was going to be mine.  I chose the Miami Dolphins helmet (only because I loved DOLPHINS, duh) and my brother chose the San Diego Chargers.  We loved those helmets and our games of Nerf football became a lot more interesting in our front yard.  Every time there was a game on TV, we’d bust out our helmets and watch in style.  I STILL have that football helmet after all those years and it represents a lot of great memories for me.

If you are a reader of my blog than you know I have carried the love of football into adulthood and into our family life.  While growing up it was more of an enjoyment of being around my dad and watching a game and not really caring who won or lost (besides college football and the Buckeyes, of course…), it was not until my husband and I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio for a few years that we had a team to follow.  While the Bengals are not always the easiest team to root for, it’s still ‘my’ team and it’s fun to keep up with the madness.  I love that my oldest daughter, Brooke, gets really into football games and looks forward to watching with us.  When I saw that Franklin Sports not only sells children’s sized pro football helmets, but an entire NFL Deluxe Youth Football Uniform Set, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for Brooke to have the same awesome experience I did as a child.

Franklin Sports is helping children to get ready for a fun-filled Halloween and football season with Official NFL Kid’s Costume Sets.  Each set includes the awesome helmet, a team jersey, pants, and iron-on number kit.  The jersey and pants are made with polyester mesh and feature the logos and colors of your favorite team.  The adorable molded plastic helmets come complete with chin strap and also match the helmet designs worn on-field by the pros.  Nice!  I love that you can customize your jersey with the iron-on number kits and will give your kids the feeling of being an authentic member of their favorite team.  The sets are offered in multiple sizes, which accommodate most kids ages 4-9.



  • Small: Age 4-6 | Waist: 19-22″ | Chest 20-24″ | Height 40-45″
  • Medium: Age 7-9 | Waist: 22-25″ | Chest 25-29″ | Height 48-54″

Ultimate Halloween!  Franklin’s Official NFL Kid’s Costume Sets create a fun-filled trick or treating experience for the youth sports fan as well as enhance their football watching and games of their own football by emulating their favorite player.  You can choose from all 32 NFL teams (including the Browns!) to outfit every little football fan in your house.

Da Bears.  The Pro Football Hall of Fame opening in Canton, Ohio on September 7, 1963.  Currently, the Chicago Bears have the most Hall of Fame enductees among the league’s franchises with 32 enshrinees.  Wow!

NFL kids costumes for Halloween

List Price: $ 49.99

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