Go Nuts with Squirrel King Craft Sets For Kids


Squirrel King Craft Kit FOREST Pack

Inspire Imagination with our fun-filled craft kits!!

Crack open your acorn and see what crafts you and your kids can design.  I was drawn to the Squirrel King Crafts kits for one specific reason; my daughter, Brooke.  She is a squirrel and acorn fanatic ever since her first preschool teacher had her collect acorns to color with beautiful paint.  She still has all of them in her jewelry box.  We have long since placed emphasis on art, imagination, and creation in our household and to make fun purple, blue, and green squirrels born from an 100% recycled paper acorn (which is just COOL in itself) was too enticing to pass up.


We started off our Squirrel King adventure with The FOREST PACK because you can make multiple ‘cheeky’ little squirrel playmates with a simple instruction card deck.  There is a bonus in the card deck where you can do a fast-paced squirrel match game which my daughter LOVED.  While I served mostly as an innocent bystander, Brooke wanted me to help her with a few items when making her special squirrels.  All in all, they were fun and easy for her to do and they are now hanging out on her bed for some fun nighttime play.  One thing that I loved was that the envelope paper in the kit that contains all the googly eyes, paper ears, arms, and legs for the squirrels are actually plantable wildflowers.  Lovely!  Plant it, water it, and watch your flowers grow.  Products are best suited for ages 6 and up!

FullSizeRender  Our creations!

If you and your children are ‘nuts’ for creativity,  check our the Squirrel Craft Kits for children and the young at heart!  They are amazing!


About Squirrel King:

The creators of Squirrel Kind first met while rock climbing in Southern California and soon realized that, in addition to their shared love of nature, they both had a passion for encouraging an inspired and engaged world.  Out of that passion came The Squirrel King!  As a father, Rufus noticed that in the children’s toy space there is a need for high quality craft kits that are carefully conceived to be both doable and open-ended. With Rufus’ two young children as our expert guides, they set out to create a world that embraces the absurd and the magical and emboldens us all to create without fear. It’s OK to color outside the lines.  Our products inspire active participants in a world of creativity. Check out our blog to see highlights of our journey.

Squirrel King Craft Kit FOREST Pack


List Price: $ 19.99

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