Pump It Up Party Fun Activities for Kids (Local Austin, Texas)


Pump It Up Party Fun Activities for Kids (Local Austin, Texas)

Where Your Imagination Comes to Play

Open Jump

There are SO MANY family-friendly and fun activities to do in Austin.  We knew that when Brooke was off school for her fall break Bob and I needed a plan of action to get her to burn off some energy.  We each scheduled some days off work and started planning.  We were so excited to be able to try out one of Austin’s finest family-friendly activities called Pump It Up!

Pump it Up has Open Jumps throughout the week where your child can have the time of their life bouncing up and down on inflatables to their heart’s content. Their massive inflatables spark their imaginations and let them burn off energy. The Open Jumps are safe, indoors, climate-controlled, and fun.  It’s a great place to take kids of all ages!  Check out the Event Calendar for Pump It Up of Austin here for Open Jump times.


Brooke LOVES Pump It Up Austin!


From the moment we took Brooke to the Lakeline Mall’s bounce house years ago, she has been hooked on inflatables.  You can find them in many locations in Austin, but what makes Pump It Up Austin different is that they have unique and interesting inflatables and attractions that are the stars of the show.  Children can go through the 4 N 1 ride obstacle course, joust or jump on the Coliseum, go crazy by going down their giant slides, and even go through a wind tunnel in their Cyclone Blast.  Our little daredevil was all over the place going from one attraction to the next and having a wild and awesome time.  She has already mentioned that she wants her next birthday party at Pump It Up Austin, so I think that speaks for itself at how much she loved the experience.  I can’t say that I blame her!


On top of Open Jump, Pump It Up also offers:

  • Birthdays
  • Special Events
  • Group Events


Pump It Up Austin Kid’s Birthday Parties are 100% private in their play areas filled with gigantic inflatables where children are treated like royalty. They offer Glow parties, Pirate Quest and Superhero Training Camps as unique experiences of your choosing. Their friendly and trained staff will work with you to personalize the party from food, drinks, goodie bags, balloons and more. Relax and enjoy a safe and hassle-free party for your child.


Pump It Up of Austin, TX Location

9330 United Dr Ste 180
Austin, TX  (512) 832-1110


General Frequently Asked Questions (cite http://www.pumpitupparty.com):

Are your inflatables safe and clean?

Absolutely! Our inflatables have been custom designed to account for heavy, indoor use. Each inflatable goes through rigorous testing for all ages before it is released to any of our facilities nationwide. At our facility, each inflatable is anchored to the floor, wall, and/or ceiling to provide extra stability. Entrances and tunnels are wiped down after each party and every inflatable is cleaned and inspected on an ongoing maintenance schedule.

Are socks required?

Yes, socks are required to play on the inflatables.

Is each guest, including adults, required to have a completed/signed waiver?

For insurance purposes, every guest who enters our arenas must have a completed waiver. All guests under 17 years of age must have a waiver completed and signed by a parent/guardian. For your convenience, family members aged 17 years or younger may be included on the same waiver. Additional waivers are available at Pump It Up or online.

Are there any age/height restrictions?

Yes. For safety purposes, children under 34 inches are NOT permitted in or on the equipment for any reason (even if accompanied by an adult).

Can adults play on the inflatables?

Yes, as long as they are within the manufacturers guidelines for height and weight.

Will Pump It Up provide supervision in the play areas?

Our fun and friendly staff will provide supervision in the inflatable play areas so you can relax and enjoy the party!

Are gratuities (tips) appropriate?

Gratuities for our staff are always welcome.

What type of safety instruction is provided?

We pride ourselves on safety. To help prevent injuries, each guest is required to watch the Pump It Up safety video before entering the inflatable arena(s).

Is there an additional charge for parents, siblings, and/or care-givers?

There is no additional charge for parents or care-givers. However, siblings are counted as part of the guest count.

Save Money with Punch Cards!  If you and your family are frequent jumpers than you can save up to $2 per jump with an Open Playtime Punch Card.  Ask about them in the location and buy one today!

  • 3 punch jump card $21
  • 5 punch jump card $33
  • 10 punch jump card $60

Active Duty Military Discount! As a “thanks” to our active duty military families, they will receive 10% off of your regular party price (max. $25). Bring your military i.d on the day of the party to receive the discount.  Only available at the Pump It Up of Austin location.

NOT IN AUSTIN?  That’s OK!  Pump It Up has more than 140 locations across the United States, so check here for a location near you.


Pump It Up Party Fun Activities for Kids (Local Austin, Texas)


List Price: $ 8.00 + tax per child (Open Jump Prices)

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