Mil’s Trills “Now That We’re Friends” CD and Digital Download


Mil’s Trills “Now That We’re Friends” CD and Digital Download

 Promoting Friendship Through Open Minds and Compassionate Hearts

You may have heard about Mil’s Trills from her song, Mother May I (written and performed by Amelia Robinson), that is featured on the children’s album, Songs for a Healthier America, released by Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America and Hip Hop Public Health to promote healthy lifestyles for kids.  Mil’s Trills AKA Amelia Robinson was born and bred in Brooklyn and is known for her original songs and live performances.  Her goal is to deepen friendships and connect families through singing, dancing, and having fun together!  Amelia has added a new musical project under her belt with her new children’s album called “Now That We’re Friends” that includes a large collection of musical instruments and includes a highly interactive show for all ages.

Mil’s Trills released their debut album “Everyone Together Now!” in January 2014, which include thirteen musical guests and had a total of forty-one flavorful instruments. “Everyone Together Now!” features an all-star cast including Grammy award winner Dean Jones (Best Children’s Album 2013), producer Anthony “Rocky” Gallo (Norah Jones, John Legend), and saxophonist Steve Elson (David Bowie, David Byrne).  This album is all about smooth pop songs and a distinct blend of voices and a blend of many flavors of music.  If you want to introduce your children to such instruments as the leona, djembe and mbira, check out Mil’s Trills albums and keep track of all the musical instruments and styles you and your family will meet.  It’s a great way to get your family dancing and learning!

About Mil’s Trills:  Mil’s Trills has performed at Lincoln Center as part of their Meet the Artist School & Saturday series, BAM, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Tribeca Film Festival, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, 92Y, JCC, South Street Seaport with Sesame Street’s Gordon and Elmo, the Intrepid Kid’s Week, Brooklyn Public Library, and overseas at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland.

Track Listing

  1. Say Hey!
  2. Let’s Be Friends
  3. Singing Together
  4. Special
  5. Y.A.Y! (You Are You)
  6. Everybody’s Got a Body
  7. Just A Little Bit
  8. Great Big Sky
  9. When You’re Gone
  10. All of the Colors
  11. I Believe in Love
  12. Be Kind

Mil’s Trills “Now That We’re Friends” CD and Digital Download

List Price: $ 12.99 CD $9.99 Digital Download

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