Table Talk and Custom Plates by Create Ur Plate

Table Talk 3

Table Talk and Custom Plates by Create Ur Plate

Customizing your tablescape is easy and affordable with interchangeable Plate-able(tm) designs. Your table, your way!

Our family is committed to our sit down nightly dinners.  That can be quite a feat when you have a two year old and a five year old who have lots of energy and little patience.  We try and peak their interest in different ways; asking questions, playing games, and even using fun table decor to keep them in their seats.

Creating your table decor starts with creating your place settings, and Create UR Plate offers exciting designer plate options.  Their plates come in either sturdy glass or in disposable clear plastic. Each style comes in two popular sizes to fit your entertaining needs. Their patented Plate-Able™ process makes each plate design interchangeable and you can choose your favorite design, color, holiday or special event theme.

Plate-Ables™ are designed to fit Create UR Plates perfectly. You can change the look and feel of your plate with a simple peel-and-stick! A Plate-Able™ is like a label, but better. It is specially made to fit their products, sustain extreme food temperatures and allow for up to six applications*.  Create UR Plate has hundreds of designs and styles to choose from, allowing you to change your plate any day, every day!

* As long as you follow the Plate-Able™ care guidelines, so read more about that HERE.

Create Ur Plate can come in a variety of plate types, such as;

  • Glass dinner plate
  • Glass salad/dessert plate
  • Disposable dinner plate
  • Disposable salad/dessert plate

Table Talk Create Ur Plate Series

Table Talk

I am in LOVE with the Table Talk plates for families.  It gets your kids to open up about their wishes and dreams with these fun, quirky conversation topics outlined on each plate. You can apply new questions each night to their plates to keep the discussion fresh. They work great with our sturdy glass or cleanup-friendly disposable plates, and there are SO MANY to choose from so it never gets boring.
 Table Talk 2
Holiday Plates!
If you follow my blog, you know I go all out for the holidays.  You can make your holidays extra special when you personalize your table setting with your own customized dishes where you can even add your own images. Think Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.  Create Ur Plate seems to have all the holidays covered!  These heartwarming designs will look great with your table decorations, and can be used on either their disposable or glass plates. So keep the fun going for all your holiday events!
Table Plate  Halloween Wishes Plate-Able™
FullSizeRender  Holiday Plates for every Season!
About Create UR Plate:  Create Ur Plate is a San Francisco company that allow consumers to change their dinnerware as often as they wish. Take one plate, put a Plate-Able on the underside, and you have an entirely new plate.  They aim to empower people to design and change their table designs as often as they want. One plate can become as many plates as you want. Your table, your way.

List Price: $ 3.49 per Plate-Able sticker.  Plates sold separately on their website.

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