Families of the World: Families of Puerto Rico DVD


Families of the World: Families of Puerto Rico DVD

Families of the World Films are Excellent for Learning about People and Culture Around the World

The Families of the World Series already has 28 amazing titles under its belt and it is a great way for families to take a journey around the world to learn about other cultures from a child’s viewpoint.  In fact, the series is narrated by children and always focuses on two children’s families from an urban and rural location to get the different perspectives.  There are limited cuts so it feels very real-world and it’s a nice way for children to see life as it happens in each country for children as young as five (plus a limited 30 minute viewing time – perfect).

Families of Puerto Rico Releases Just in Time for National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Have you ever tried the Puerto Rico dish mofongo?  It’s made with plantains, chicharrón, olive oil, and garlic.  Yum, yum, yum.  Probably not surprising is that when I explore new cultures, the first thing I find out about is the cuisine.  You can learn a lot about a place just by what they eat.  So, while I’ve had a pretty decent knowledge of foods of Puerto Rico, the island that is prone to hurricanes has been on my ‘to do’ list of places to explore and discover.  I was so excited to see the “Families of Puerto Rico” DVD with Brooke and it did not disappoint.  Not only that, National Hispanic Heritage Month just happens to start in September (09/15-15-10/15/15 to be exact), so what better way to celebrate than getting an intimate look into the lives of people in countries around the globe.

About the Series

Families of the World offers a documentary-style “day in the life” glimpse into how people in different countries live from a child’s point of view. Focusing on two children from differing homes, one urban, one rural, Families of the World invites viewers along through their daily routines, introducing both the similarities and differences that exist.

School Library Journal applauds the Families of the World series as “excellent,” providing “an intriguing taste of another culture.” The series has garnered more than 100 awards, including Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Parents’ Choice and NAPPA (National Parenting Publications of America) as well as endorsements from KIDS FIRST! and recommendations from Dr. Toy’s Children’s Products. The series is used in classrooms around the country as a valuable tool for multi-cultural education and language learning.

Families of the World programs include: Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, England, Familias de Mexico, France, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Mexico 1, Mexico 2, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, United States and Vietnam.

Digital/DVD Description of “Families of Puerto Rico”

“Families of Puerto Rico,” from the multi-award-winning live-action Families of the World series, gives an intimate look into the lives of people in countries around the globe.  It’s now one of the 28 additional Families of the World titles available for the first time on digital September 1, 2015.


“Families of Puerto Rico” introduces children to two different families from Puerto Rico.  The first family is a nine-year-old Jose who lives with his mother, father and sister Tanya, in the capital city of San Juan.  You will see Jose and his family prepare for a hurricane that is on its way while still going about their every day life.  Jose and his family are making preparations while still going to school for Jose and his sister and his parents go off to work.  Jose shares the history of his homeland’s name (the island of Borinquen, renamed Puerto Rico by the Spanish after a visit and claiming by Columbus), what “good manners” mean in his country and his desire to be a veterinarian when he grows up.

The second family that children are introduced to in the video is eight-year-old Laura who lives on a farm with her mother and father. Laura attends a private school that is more than an HOUR away and she is learning both English and Spanish while her parents work.  Laura takes weekly piano lesson and introduces her pet Coquis frog.  In the video, she introduces viewers to the world’s largest radio telescope to listen to radio waves from outer space!  She ends her day by doing her reading lessons that includes her nighttime routine.

This is a great introduction for children to learn about Puerto Rico from children their own age.  It’s an eye-opening experience from two different family perspectives on the island.  We enjoyed learning about Jose and Laura’s families and how their lives are both similar and different than our own.  What a great way to get a global education from the comfort of your own home!

More Families of the World Series to Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Just in time for National Hispanic Heritage Month, (Sept. 15-Oct 15, 2015) Families of the World has six other titles besides “Families of Puerto Rico” appropriate for the celebration:  “Families of Costa Rica,” “Families of Guatemala,” Familias de Mexico,” “Families of Mexico 1,” “Families of Mexico 2” and “Families of Panama.”


Series Title:      Families of the World

Release Date:   September 1, 2015

R/T:                 Programs are approximately 30 minutes each in two 15-minute segments

Category:          Children; ages 5-11

Closed Caption: English

Families of the World: Families of Puerto Rico DVD


List Price: $ 9.99

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