Wonder Costumes Q&A with media spokesperson and costume expert, Chris Yandek



It’s getting closer to Halloween!  If you are still thinking about costume ideas for you and your child for trick or treat night, I decided to do a Q&A with costume expert, Chris Yandek, from Wonder Costumes.  Hopefully you’ll get some great ideas and check out some of the expected popular costumes for 2015.  Enjoy!

An interview with www.wondercostumes.com media spokesperson and costume expert Chris Yandek:

What TV and Movie costumes look to be the most popular in 2015?

“It looks like it is going to be Minion Mania this year. The Minions movie was quite popular. We have costumes for men, women, boys and girls. Jurassic Park was also a huge film this year and we have costumes and masks for adults and kids. Earlier this year, the Disney Cinderella film was a big hit also and we have new costumes for adults and kids. As far as Frozen goes, which was the most popular costume request last year, we have new costumes for Frozen Fever this year. So yes, there will be more Elsa and Anna mania this year as well. We also have all the new Avengers costumes from Age of Ultron. In the TV world, there are new costumes from The Simpsons, Seinfeld and a variety of other TV shows.”


How important is shopping early for the trendy new costume of the season?

“As one of the biggest costume stores online, we have thousands of products but gets hundreds of orders every day. It is important to order a costume early because they do sellout quickly. Additionally, when you order online from us at http://www.wondercostumes.com, you want to try on the costume before Halloween to make sure it fits. So order at least three to four weeks before Halloween to get ready.”

What is Wonder Costumes and how can they help with assist with your Halloween needs?

“We are one of the biggest costume stores online. We have thousands of products for all genres and ages. You can find us online at www.wondercostumes.com and call us at 1800-288-9916. We would be glad to assist. We can get anything you need for Halloween, Christmas, Easter or your kid’s school event, etc.


What advice do you have for customers ordering their costumes online?

“The most important thing is to order early. There are limited quantities of costumes. You also again want to try on the costume before you put it on for Halloween. The earlier you order, the less shipping you will pay also.”

You can find Wonder Costumes movie and TV costume sections below:



List Price: $ Varies

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