ZOKU Fish Pop Molds


ZOKU Fish Pop Molds

The patented Zoku Quick Pop Maker is a revolutionary product that freezes ice pops in 7-9 minutes!

Kids go wild over different types of ice cycle pops in various shapes.  I’m not sure what it is, but I do know I was a huge fan of bomb pops while I was growing up.  The colors, the shapes, the taste; they were definitely my favorite treat when the weather was warm.  And warm it is – I still can’t believe it can hit 100 degrees in Austin in September, but luckily we have a great way to keep cool.

Dive into the world of Zoku Fish Pop Molds with your favorite under-the-sea creatures including a Shark, Clownfish, Octopus, Whale, Puffer Fish and even a Zoku Scuba Diver. Mix and match the tails for fun and surprising results. The sticks contain drip guards and have amusing “skeletons” that are revealed as the pops are eaten. The pops are easy to remove from the molds by simply pulling on the sticks, no rinsing is required.  These unique pop molds are a hit in our household and are fun and simple to make.  They are definitely worth getting and your kids get a kick out of helping you make freezer pops – especially since they only have to wait mere minutes until they can eat!

Looking for Pop Mold Recipes?  Look no further than the ZOKU page of ice pop recipes HERE.  There are so may unique and interesting recipes to choose from all in one location.  Yay!

About Zoku:  It all started with a seemingly simple idea: what if we could make popsicles freeze faster? And after months of research, testing, and prototypes, our Quick Pop Maker was born. We knew we were on to something and soon, Williams-Sonoma agreed, picking us up for their holiday season.  Their proudest accolades include a handful of really touching letters from our customers, but we’ve also been recognized by the Industrial Designer’s Society of America as an IDEA finalist (not to mention a Silver and Bronze recipient), a GOOD Design Award, mentions on Wired.com, and a National Parenting Seal of Approval.

ZOKU Fish Pop Molds


List Price: $ 19.99

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