Midnight Ikat Scarf Guitar Strap


Midnight Ikat Scarf Guitar Strap

Our exclusive Scarf Guitar Straps are the freshest idea to keep you happy while you are playing. 

I’m a huge fan of unique guitar straps.  It probably started because I loved an embroidered guitar strap my mom had on her guitar when I was a child.  It is so beautiful and I was so excited when I inherited it!  Since I decided that I wanted to learn how to play guitar when I was young, I have been all about getting things that made my guitar stand out.  I treat my guitars like some people treat their classic cars.  You want them to shine, give them unique accessories that make them stand out, and probably most importantly, add items that make them comfortable to use.  Capturing Couture makes really unique and beautiful scarf guitar straps that not only look awesome, it feels wonderful to wear while playing my Martin.

Scarf2Bluebell Scarf Guitar Strap

Capturing Couture’s scarf guitar straps are made with soft jersey cotton with fun metal logo rivets and custom embossed leather ends.  The scarf is 2″ wide and you can adjust the length from 45″ to 60″.  I love having the extra soft strap material and it is so nice to wear.  It gives my guitar a very cool look and there are so many designs to choose.  I love the Midnight Ikat print which is based on the ikat dying technique that started in Indonesia and has been done for centuries in textiles in India and central Asia.  It looks so stylish and I’m excited for Brooke and Brie to be able to use it when they are older.  The strap can be spot cleaned with a microfiber cloth and water.

Scarf Camera Straps!  Capturing Couture also makes their cool scarf straps for cameras.  Check them out on their website.


Midnight Ikat Scarf Guitar Strap


List Price: $ 59.00

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