Hand Soap Sensor Dispenser by SimpleHuman


Hand Soap Sensor Dispenser by SimpleHuman

Tools for Efficient Living!

It is pretty amazing at how technology has totally transformed our lives.  I try and think how life was like before people had Wifi, and it’s actually a little difficult.  While I may not be the most tech savvy person, I do embrace things that make my life easier and have a really open mind about new things.

Toddler Brie loves and always remembers to wash her hands.  I thought it was cute and funny when Brie would say ‘hand! hand!’ and stick out her hand each time before she washed them so I could pump some soap into her little fingers.  I also loved how she would squeal with delight when we’d go out and she could use the automatic soap dispensers in public bathrooms.  I never actually thought I’d have one in my very own bathroom, but SimpleHuman has the coolest dispensers for your home counter tops that I could not resist having Brie be able to wash her hands ALL BY HERSELF.


SimpleHuman’s touch-free compact sensor pump is the most efficient and easy way to wash your hands with no germs or smudges left behind.  Not only that, the silicone valve means there are no messy drips and clogs so the kiddos can’t make a big mess like our old hand soap container.  It’s simple to refill and dispenses soap in just 0.2 seconds.  Yup, I checked.  .2 seconds is right!  I could see this being really useful in the kitchen especially after doing food prep although we keep ours in the bathroom for the girls.  No mixing germs and bacteria on your hand soaps!

Check it out!  See the SimpleHuman Soap Sensor here.

I really can’t believe how much something like an automatic soap dispenser is used in our house and the girls always remember to wash their hands.  Everything in our bathroom is now easily accessible for Brie to wash her hands all by herself and I’m still amazed she is becoming more independent every day.  If only she were that jazzed about brushing her teeth…..


The dispenser looks fantastic and is made with brushed nickel.  Use Simplehuman soap for optimum pump performance.

Make it Simple!  If you love tools that make your tasks simple, check out Simplehuman’s product lines such as the sensor mirrors and their brand new sensor trash cans.

Hand Soap Sensor Dispenser by SimpleHuman


List Price: $ 40.00

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