Clean with Dreft’s New Family Safe Products


Clean with Dreft’s New Family Safe Products

Dreft has you covered every step of the way on the big, messy, beautiful journey ahead.

I have come a long way at being a resident ‘expert’ on baby products.  I announced my pregnancy at work when I was almost 20 weeks along with my first born, Brooke.  I was living here in Austin, Texas, quite far from my family and many of my friends in my home state of Ohio and I had not bought so much as a single diaper yet.  I was apprehensive and nervous about what I actually needed.  After my thoughtful co-workers started to barrage me with items I needed (what?  You have to buy special BABY WATER?) two of them insisted on taking me to the nearest Babies R Us to give me the rundown.   I was reluctant but also grateful for the advice and off we went to what I will now call the mecca of all things baby.  I remember walking into the store, jaw dropped, as I came across a huge display of Dreft laundry detergent.  I naively said, “You need special laundry detergent for your baby?” and my co-workers laughed.  Apparently, I was the only one on the planet who had never heard of Dreft.  That’s when my fascination with all things ‘baby’ started and almost a year and a half later is when I began to blog as Momma’s Bacon!

Dreft is the name Mom’s Trust

As someone with sensitive skin, I was interested in getting a special laundry formula was designed specifically to keep babies’ gentle skin safe and protected from harmful and irritating chemicals.  It’s a name I came to trust and now this company has a new line of cleaning products for your family.  There are harmful chemicals in many over the counter cleaning products, so just like in laundry detergent, it is important to cut out the harmful chemicals in these products when you have mobile babies and children in the house.  Dreft’s new line offers families peace of mind while cleaning and their new sprays and wipes are now available for purchase just in time for spring/summer cleaning!

Dreft’s Gentle Clean Multi-Surface Spray $ 4.99

When babies become mobile they can get into everything!  Nothing in the house is off limits and anything that can go from hand-to-mouth will if you are not careful.  Dreft’s Gentle Clean Multi-Surface Spray is formulated to effectively clean the surfaces children touch while being a gentle and safe spray. The spray comes in a 22-ounce container and can be used to effectively clean high chairs, crib railings, changing tables and all other household surface your child may touch.


Dreft’s Gentle Clean Multi-Surface Wipes $ 7.99

Dreft’s Gentle Clean Multi-Surface Spray also comes in a wipes form!  Awesome.  The formulated for babies wipes are pre-moistened and made to swiftly clean any surface.  Use the wipes anywhere – from toys, glass, counters, cribs rails to highchair trays – for a fast and safe clean-up. The package comes in a pack of 70 wipes.


Dreft Fabric Refresher & Odor Eliminator $ 3.99

Babies can create big messes that stink!  The Dreft Fabric Refresher & Odor Eliminator helps get the stink out of things like fabric, carpet and upholstery created by our little ones. The 22-ounce bottle handles the toughest smells from diapers to spit up and has a soft and refreshing odor that it leaves behind.

About Nehemiah Manufacturing:  Nehemiah was founded in 2009 with the mission to build brands, create jobs and change lives. Led by a team of seasoned consumer product good professionals, Nehemiah partners with Procter & Gamble and other consumer product goods companies to license and acquire small brands, to innovate new concepts and contract manufacture products that support the company mission. Nehemiah is committed to bringing jobs back to the inner city of Cincinnati to stimulate community development and economic growth. For more information visit:

Clean with Dreft’s New Family Safe Products

List Price: $ 3.99 – $ 7.99


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