Fayvel the first-ever Vegan sneakers for kids



Fayvel the first-ever Vegan sneakers for kids

Shoes for Dreamers

My oldest daughter is a mover and a shaker.  She can’t sit still for long and when she goes, she runs.  She wears out her shoes as fast as I can save up for another pair and since her feet seem to be growing constantly, we have had ample opportunity to test out different products and styles of footwear.  She is at an age (almost a kindergartener – sniff) where she craves things that are different, beautiful (her words!) and fun.  She was the hit of her preschool in her Skechers Twinkletoes shoes that light up when you move and I knew, just knew, she would flip for the brand new Fayvel sneakers that come with interchangeable kid-friendly patches that just happen to be vegan-free!  I was right, she flipped.  Aren’t moms always right?!?  Ha.


Fayvel sneakers are not just durable animal-friendly footwear for kids, they are blank canvases to be adorned with limited-edition patches in a variety of themes called Frieze Tags.  The tags are easily interchangeable thanks to their Velcro feature and if your child’s friends has a pair of Fayvels, too, they can easily trade them.

Fairies  Example of a set of Frieze Tags

Right now, the new Fayvel line is available in children’s sizes 10 through 4 with either lace or Velcro closures.  Frieze Tags come in sets of four with 10 unique themes all available through the Fayvel website.  Brooke, of course, wanted to test out the ‘cute’ pair of pink Velcros with the fairy theme tags.  Adorable, of course!  For being completely free of leather, I am actually surprised at how well they are holding up to the brutal workout sessions that Brooke gives to her sneakers and I am starting to wonder why more footwear companies aren’t going vegan-free?  Hmmm….I’ll have to ponder that more.  Perhaps Fayvel sneakers are a pioneer in a soon to be competitive market, and

Did you know?  Fayvel is Yiddish for “bright one”as the company believed that the term resonated with the concept of empowering kids to use their imaginations for creativity; hence the fun interchangeable tags.

Not Just for Girls!

Veg2  How cute are these shoes?  And so many tag themes to choose from!

Free Shipping!  Free shipping on orders over $50 using the coupon code FREEOVER50

Fayvel the first-ever Vegan sneakers for kids


List Price: $ 50.00


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