California Costumes Women’s Athenian Goddess Costume (Family Fun)


California Costumes Women’s Athenian Goddess Costume (Family Fun)

Characters Come to Life!

Our family doesn’t just dress up for Halloween.  We like to play dress up all year.  We love theme parties and any attempt at fun coordination.  It may have started with my love of theater that I started to get over my shyness as a child; being someone else made me happy and excited.  I loved playing funny characters, my most memorable was being a rich elderly Southern lady (remember, I’m a Yankee, so pulling off a Southern accent took practice) and I loved the laughs that I received when saying lines like, ‘she sets my teeth on edge!’ as I shook my lovely salt and pepper wig around while wiggling a cane as a weapon.  We even had a ‘costume room’ in our house to just play dress-up and it was the most beautiful thing.  This love continued well into my college years and into some fabulous adult parties Bob and I had pre-kids.  As soon as I learned I was having girls, I was elated.  I pictured us playing dress up and make believe and having such a wonderful time.  The awesome thing is, it was all true.  As we are doing a fun Greek party in the near future, I have been hunting down some adorable Greek Goddess costumes for the girls and I. Bob gets to be our lovely Greek Warrior.  I’ve looked to California Costumes many times for reasonable costumes (check out which is one of their online retailers) and was so thrilled with the ‘mom’ costume of our clan.  The girls are going to look so adorable and I get to be the ruler of the house complete with bowls of grapes, olives and figs.  Ahhhh heavenly.  So, while you may be hunting down Halloween costumes to dress up during that one obligated day of the year, don’t forget you can make fun dress-up special occasions all year around!  I know it was something that I treasured in my childhood and want to bring that same element of fun to my kids.

California Costumes Women’s Athenian Goddess Costume (Family Fun)

List Price: $ 36.99

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