Benbat 2 Count Bubble Dream Round Car Sunshade (For Babies)


Benbat 2 Count Bubble Dream Round Car Sunshade (For Babies)

Opens the Door to a New World for Parents, Where Every day Brings a Reason to Smile

Usually I can only imagine that a product review about a sun shade could only go something like this, ‘it protects your baby from the sun’s harmful UV rays’.  I mean, what else could you say?  A car sunshade is almost like a necessity without words for your child.  Not much to look at but something that is needed especially here in Texas.  However, I was in for quite a shock when I discovered the Benbat Bubble Dream Round Car Sunshade for babies.  This isn’t your usual sunshade past the fact it will protect your child from the sun’s harmful rays.  It does much, much more than that.  First off, you will notice the fun and whimsical cartoon bunny that sprints across the colorful sunshade.  It is definitely the most unique shade I have ever seen and so of course our family LOVED it.  The next things you will notice are these bubbles of colorful circles embedded into the shades.  Whaaat?  You won’t get the full effect until you are they are in place in the sun, but those tiny little filters let is beautiful and colorful light for your little one (genius) without restricting views.  Ok, so now I’m impressed.  Not only does baby like the colorful swirls that float through the air as the car is moving, it most definitely stimulates her senses.  Probably the last yet most important thing that I love about Ben Bat Sun Shades is that their suctions attach on the side.  No more of those shades that only hook at the top and fall down every time I open the window.  That was always such a bummer with one child, but now with two…yeah, I’ll pass.  Believe me, I’m as shocked as you are that I could actually write a long review on a sun shade, but there you go!  I was impressed with Benbat and if you are in the market for a car shade for your child, keep this product in mind because I don’t think you will regret it.  Be sure to check out the rest of their catalog which includes some pretty impressive travel great, too!

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Benbat 2 Count Bubble Dream Round Car Sunshade (For Babies)

List Price: $ 19.99

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