Bubble Wands Kit (Age 8+)

Bubble Wand Kit

Bubble Wands Kit (Age 8+)

Eco Art Kits!

Bubbles and bendable wire wands and bubble recipes, oh my!  What a perfect summer outdoor play kit for kids eight and over.  The only thing you need to provide is a parent’s watchful eye and a set of pliers and wire cutters.  The cool thing about this eco-friendly company is that their items are all handmade and no two kits are alike!  Bend copper wire into a lovely wand to make the biggest bubbles ever!  My older daughter and I had a blast making two wands together and although my star wand came out a little crooked, she was able to get the marbles in her recommended spots and it didn’t affect the bubble making afterwards (WHEW).  You can also use one to decorate your garden or for fun play.  Kids can use their imagination with this wonderful kit that can keep them busy all summer long!

The Bubble Wands Kit Includes:

  • Artist-quality 14 gauge copper wire
  • 2 wooden wand sticks
  • Glass marbles
  • Jig patterns
  • Bubble recipe
  • Ideas sheet

Momma’s Bacon Exclusive!  Artterro is offering a discount coupon code to my Momma’s Bacon readers until August.  Please use coupon code “MBART20,” and it is good for 20% off a purchase at www.Artterro.com upon online checkout until September 1, 2013!

Bubble Wands Kit (Age 8+)


List Price:  $ 19.95

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