Grab & Go Bag in Midnight *For Parents*

Ah Goo Baby Bag

Grab & Go Bag in Midnight *For Parents*

Unique Upscale yet Affordable Products for Infants and Toddlers

Bob and I *think* we have this whole parenthood thing figured out.  What would take us hours to pack in a giant Army tote-like diaper bag with our first daughter has simplified into carrying daily essentials.  My husband, the primary caregiver, likes small utility items and this Grab & Go Bag should not fool you – it may look small but it can hold a lot!  We also search out products that give us the most bang for our buck and Ah Goo Baby has such affordable prices for fantastic looking products.  I almost said adorable, but considering this midnight color bag is mostly being used by my husband, I don’t think I could get away with that!

The Grab & Go Bag by Ah Goo Baby has a messenger strap for the bag, many compartments with a magnetic closer and stroller rings that are awesome for carrying around all your baby’s needs.  If that doesn’t scream efficiency, I don’t know what else you could want in a diaper tote.  Oh, you want something that is machine washable, you say?  Well, hold your breath; the ENTIRE diaper bag can be thrown into the wash.  The main compartment also has something Ah Goo Baby calls the ‘floating floor’ that is completely adjustable to your needs.  There are also two insulated side pockets for snacks and drinks and organization pockets both inside and out of the bag.  Mesh pockets and Velcro complete the ensemble and you have a darn near perfect tote for both moms and dads on the go.  Yes, we have learned a lot since our first child, and compartmentalization is certainly one of them.  One thing we haven’t lost, though, is our sense of style.  If you can get all this in style for a nice price tag, you must be doing something right.

Grab & Go Bag in Midnight *For Parents*

List Price: $ 42.00

5 thoughts on “Grab & Go Bag in Midnight *For Parents*

  1. There are a lot of things I wish I’d done differently, one of them being the diaper bag. Ugh. This is stylin’ and doesn’t look too much like an actual diaper bag. I would definitely buy this if I were to have another one.

    • Don’t worry, we did the same thing! My former self would be shocked that we could have actually fit everything into a cool diaper bag this size. Our first trip to Brooke’s pedi was hilarious. Live and learn!

  2. Did I see this on T.V.? I remember a commercial of a girl who has like a million things on a table and then she sticks each and everyone into this tiny little bag. Looks like it. I remember thinking it looked so neat and so easy to carry. Love the idea of this versus a big, huge bag!

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