Recess CD by Grammy Nominee Justin Roberts (All Ages) *Grammy Nominee*

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Recess CD by Grammy Nominee Justin Roberts (All Ages)

“Hands down the best songwriter in the genre.” – USA Today.  Available July 2013!

If you follow Justin’s music (and I do), you will notice that Recess is the complete opposite of his last album Lullaby.  In fact, polar opposites!  Going back to his roots of Jungle Gym, this album produces rock and pop (with some ska and psychedelic thrown in there for good measure) and the electricity a child feels while playing at recess.  This is a whole family album especially one who is ready to turn up the music and get into dance-mode.  I mentioned this before, but here’s a tidbit you might not know about Justin, but will LOVE, is he used to be a Montessori preschool teacher by day and in an indie-rock band Pimentos for Gus by night in Minneapolis.  His pure energy for keeping up with kids and rock have certainly paid off and dancing just once through this album with my daughter makes me exhausted, but in a good way.  This is not just whimsical music; it is also intelligent music which is what our children need.  The harmonies are fantastic and I am quite impressed by my personal favorite song, ‘We Got Two’ which reminds me of one of my favorite bands (from OHIO, I might add *ahem*).  It’s definitely a blast from the past that mixes into present pop-rock which makes us one happy family of listeners.

Track Listing:

  1. “Recess”
  2. “I’ll Be an Alien”
  3. “Hopscotch”
  4. “Check Me Out, I’m at the Checkout”
  5. “My Secret Robot”
  6. “Looking for Trains”
  7. “Every Little Step”
  8. “We Got Two”
  9. “The Princess Wore Pink”
  10. “Otis”
  11. “School’s Out (Tall Buildings)”
  12. “Red Bird”

Special Edition News!  The special edition full CD package will include a pop-up robot (photo attached)!  Wow!

Tour Dates!  Keep checking his dates since they are always being updated:

Interesting news!  Roberts is adding author to his repertoire by creating a new picture book for children, to be published by Putnam in 2014!  Stay tuned if I’m lucky enough to review!

Recess CD by Grammy Nominee Justin Roberts (All Ages)

List Price: $ 15.00

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