Product Review: The Christmas Pumpkin [Paperback] {PreK+)

Product Review:  The Christmas Pumpkin [Paperback] {PreK+)

Recipient of the Dove Family Seal of Approval

James’s father owns a pumpkin patch that produced one green pumpkin that no one wanted.  A green pumpkin?  Eww!  James decided that the pumpkin was perfect and he wanted to decorate it for Christmas with a nice red candle for the season’s colors. No one thought it is a good idea except James’s family who tell him to not give up and it doesn’t matter what anyone says.  Soon, James’s decorated pumpkin becomes a curious figure on his doorstep as well as an inspiration to his neighbors.  Who ever heard of a green pumpkin?  But, you know what?  People did fall in love with the green pumpkin and the cut out star James did was his reminder of the star that the Three Wise Men followed.  It taught the neighbors and James that it is good to be different and you should always follow your dreams.  This is an easy reader perfect for the entire family and includes full color illustrations and a pull out coloring page to design your own Christmas Pumpkin.

About Author Debbie Reece:  Debbie created The Christmas Pumpkin based off the true story with her son Matthew.  She took a chance (and some money out of her 401K – ouch) to start BeeBop Books and her story has won the Dove Seal of Approval as well as other children’s book awards in 2009, 2010 and 2011!  Debbie has more ideas in the works based on the book and I imagine with her determination they will make it all happen in the near future!  Great job, Momma!

The Christmas Pumpkin [Paperback] {PreK+)

List Price:  $8.00

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